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Surviving the Aftermath has 30 unlockable achievements in Steam. They are unlocked for players after reaching certain milestones, achieving hidden goals, or unlocking certain items.

It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam (for more precise numbers one can use the Steam web API).

Active mods (not assets) will disqualify a save game for achievement completion.

List of achievements[edit]

Achievement Description
Achievement first step.jpg First Step colonists Get your first colonists
Achievement explorer.jpg Explorer Reveal 1 sector
Achievement leader.jpg Leader colonists Reach a population of 20
Achievement healer.jpg Healer Health Heal 10 colonists
Achievement adventurer.jpg Adventurer Complete 1 quest
Achievement famous explorer.jpg Famous Explorer Reveal 10 sectors
Achievement legendary explorer.jpg Legendary Explorer Reveal 15 sectors
Achievement new opportunities.jpg New Opportunities Discover a society
Achievement famous healer.jpg Famous Healer Health Heal 50 colonists
Achievement energized.jpg Energized Energy.png Produce your first bit of energy
Achievement the great healer.jpg The Great Healer Health Heal 100 colonists
Achievement famous adventurer.jpg Famous Adventurer Complete 5 quests
Achievement cleaner.jpg Cleaner Radiation Remove your first pollution deposit
Achievement survivor.jpg Survivor Survive 50 days
Achievement catastrofan.jpg Catastrofan Catastrophe.png Survive 5 catastrophes in a single playthrough
Achievement local leader.jpg Local Leader colonists Reach a population of 50
Achievement merchant.jpg Merchant Resource currency.png Trade 1,000 silver worth of goods to societies
Achievement real survivor.jpg Real Survivor Survive 100 days
Achievement it's a finnish thing.jpg It's a Finnish Thing Build a sauna
Achievement big game hunter.jpg Big Game Hunter Sandworm Kill a sandworm (hidden achievement)
Achievement legendary adventurer.jpg Legendary Adventurer Complete 20 quests
Achievement friendly.jpg Friendly Reputation.png Earn 500 reputation
Achievement great leader.jpg Great Leader colonists Reach a population of 100
Achievement trader.jpg Trader Resource currency.png Trade 10,000 silver worth of goods to societies
Achievement big catastrofan.jpg Big Catastrofan Catastrophe.png Survive 15 catastrophes in a single playthrough
Achievement really friendly.jpg Really Friendly Reputation.png Earn 2,000 reputation
Achievement mogul.jpg Mogul Resource currency.png Trade 30,000 silver worth of goods to societies
Achievement the friendliest.jpg The Friendliest Reputation.png Earn 5,000 reputation
Achievement biggest catastrofan.jpg Biggest Catastrofan Catastrophe.png Survive 30 catastrophes in a single playthrough
Achievement true survivor.jpg True Survivor Survive 365 days