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Surviving The Aftermath's tutorials: Episode 3, Buildings and Working Areas.


Once a building is constructed, its operation can be adjusted in a number of ways. It can be paused to remove all the current workers for other locations. A paused building does not consume any Energy.png Energy or Water.png Water.

Some buildings also require you to select a type you want it to produce, such as crops in a Field or the type of animal in a Ranch.

Work slots[edit]

New work slots can be unlocked from the Tech Tree

You can also add or remove Work Slots to speed up production or move workers to other tasks as necessary. Opening a new slot automatically assigns the best available person to the building.

Some buildings can have more than one colonist working in them. More colonists means more production, but some carriers are also necessary so the colony will not grind to a halt.

Work and Efficiency Areas[edit]

Many buildings need set Work Areas to know where to operate and gather resources from.

Several buildings have Work Areas they work in. Some you can move manually to a new area, while others are fixed to surround the building. Updating the Work Areas is crucial for efficient production, so be sure to open up the building menu and select "Move Work Area" to order your Colonists toward new Berry Bushes, Metal Deposits and so on.

Overlapping areas will diminish efficiency, so spread them apart from each other. A notification will let you know when a building has gathered everything from its Work Area, so you can move it to a new location.


If damaged buildings are not repaired on time they will become ruins.

Once in a while, you might want to demolish a building. Buildings can be demolished to get roughly half the amount the building cost back along with the freed up space. The operation is immediate and final, so use it carefully. A demolished storage will have its contents dumped on the ground where they should be picked up and transported to a new storage to avoid spoilage. Destroying a Storage building does not destroy its contents.

Destroyed buildings[edit]

Smoking buildings can still be used but might be destroyed if damaged again. Burning ones are shut down and will eventually collapse if not repaired. The resulting rubble must be cleared so new structures can be built on their place.

Visual variants[edit]

Some buildings have a number of different visuals that look different from each other or have altered prop placement, but function the same. Their entrance is also on the same spot.

List of buildings[edit]








Health & Safety[edit]