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Your Colonists are all individuals with varied needs and skills. They build, work, consume Food and Water and procreate to keep the colony going and growing. Having their basic needs of Water, Food and Shelters taken care of is a critical part of the game. The dangers of a post-apocalyptic world affect the colonists the most. They can get sick, contract diseases, injure themselves and generate different kinds of Needs for a variety of things. Healing the colonists with a Medic or medicine and fulfilling the Needs is crucial for a thriving colony. Having a Medic's Tent early on with Specialist scouring the World Map for medicine goes a long way toward keeping your people healthy. Specialists are especially important as manufacturing healing items becomes available later in the game.

The Colonists handle all the construction, repairs, carrying and other work in the colony. The game attempts to automatically assign the best person for the job whenever you construct new buildings or edit the work slots within. If you find yourself in a situation where nothing gets built, check that you have enough free Workers to carry building materials to a construction site. If not, temporarily free up some by closing some work slots in your buildings.


One of your colonists is injured! Injuries and other conditions can be healed by a Medic or by taking appropriate medicine. Build a Medic's Tent and have it staffed to treat this injury as soon as possible. Conditions cause health loss and other negative effects if left untreated.

Possible Conditions[edit]

Name Effect Cure
Injured.png Injury Health loss Medicine.png Medicine
Radiation.png Radiation Sickness Health loss, Happiness loss Iodine Pills.png Iodine Pills
Infected.png Infection Health loss, Happiness loss Antibiotics.png Antibiotics
Mutated.png Mutation Health loss, Happiness loss Medical assistance


An inevitable part of life, death comes to us all in the end. It can take the form of prolonged Dehydration, untreated Injury or one too many tries at conquering a bandit camp. Colonists are taken to a Burial Pit, Cemetery or Crematorium for their final rest. This ensures minimal impact on overall colony Happiness but also well-being, as the corpses are prone to spreading disease if left on the ground. Dead Specialists are either lost in the wilderness or quickly buried on the spot by their surviving comrades. Their belongings are lost to the world, either destroyed or taken by the bandits as loot.