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Your Colonists are the inhabitants of your colony, the (un)fortunate survivors who have lived to witness the aftermath of the apocalypse and must now work to survive through it as well.

Colonists are individual persons with varying needs and skills. They will work, consume Food and Water and procreate to keep the colony going and growing. Having their basic needs of Water, Food and Shelter taken care of is a critical part of the game.

The Colonists are responsible for handling any and all construction, repairing, carrying, farming and other work in the colony, both outdoors and inside buildings. The game attempts to automatically assign the best person for the job whenever you construct new buildings or edit the work slots within. If you find yourself in a situation where work doesn't progress, check that you have enough free Workers to carry out the tasks at hand. If not, temporarily free up some by closing some work slots in your buildings.


The many dangers of a post-apocalyptic world affect the colonists the most. They can get sick from radiation, contract diseases or injure themselves. All of these conditions will cause penalties to a colonist's health, happiness, and work performance. Physical conditions can be treated by healing them with medical building and this is crucial for a thriving colony as an untreated condition will eventually prove fatal. Having Medical buildings active and a Specialist scouring the World Map for medicine can go a long way toward keeping your people healthy. Specialists are especially important as manufacturing healing items will not become available until later in the game.

Possible Conditions[edit]

Name Effect Cure
Injured.png Injury Health loss Medicine.png Medicine
Radiation.png Radiation Sickness Health loss, Happiness loss Iodine Pills.png Iodine Pills
Infected.png Infection Health loss, Happiness loss Antibiotics.png Antibiotics
Mutated.png Mutation Health loss, Happiness loss Medical assistance


An inevitable part of life, death comes to us all in the end, one way or another. It can take the form of starvation, prolonged dehydration, untreated injuries or bandit attacks. Dead colonists are a serious liability as their corpses can potentially act as vectors for and spread disease and having dead people lying around in plain sight will make living people unhappy as well.

To prevent any such issues from arising, dead colonists must be taken to a Burial Pit, Cemetery or Crematorium for their final rest. This ensures minimal impact on overall colony happiness and health as the bodies are brought out of sight and out of mind from the living colonists while also putting them in a place where they cannot spread disease.

Specialists, if they die, are either lost in the wilderness or quickly buried on the spot by their surviving comrades. Their belongings and any resources carried by them will likewise be lost.