Environmental Station

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Picture Building environmental station.png
Build cost 20 Metal.png 10 Plastic.png

20 Concrete.png 10 Components.png

Worker slots 3 Pop worker.png
Category Health & Safety
Footprint Huge (9x9 tiles)
Durability Medium
Energy usage 12 Energy consumption.png
Work Area Yes

Make life safer and more comfortable for colonists by gathering polluted soil from Pollution deposits and decontaminating it safely. Building requires setting the Work Area over Pollution deposits.

Work area clears 1 deposit at a time. Any colonist working here has a chance to become irradiated by the green stuff. Each worker clears 4 pollution from 1 deposit, and generates 1 Nuclear Waste barrel.

Nuclear waste will be placed outside the Environmental Station or if a Nuclear Waste Storage is built, the worker will carry it to the nearest one with at least 1 space available.