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One of your long-term objectives is to unlock new technologies from the five branches of the tech tree. In the aftermath, much of mankind’s knowledge was either lost or outright destroyed. Fragments can still be recovered from various locations on the world map to aid the colony. The research locations can be searched for Science points Science points which, unlike other resources, are immediately available for the colony. And the bigger your specialists' research skill is, the faster they can extract all the usable knowledge a particular location has to offer.

Branch focus[edit]

The Exploration tech branch Exploration tech branch focuses on improving specialist efficiency on and the colony's stand on the world map by improving the following:

  • Weapons Buildings affecting colony security.
  • Action point.png Techs increasing action points on the world map.
  • Shelter.png Buildings providing alerts for disasters and world trade.

Category legend[edit]

Each researched technology offer one of eight unlock effect types. These can be determined at a glance by the tech frame's top color and are as follows:

  • Building unlock Building unlock - Unlocks a new building.
  • Building upgrade Building upgrade - Unlock a building's upgrade option.
  • Decorations Decorations - Create a more charming environment.
  • Durability Durability - Improves buildings' protection against natural deterioration or elements like cold or Pollution.
  • Efficiency Efficiency - Improves the speed or amount of production.
  • Ideology Ideology - Special improvements based on your chosen ideology (hardy survivalist, visionary architect, chaotic misfit).
  • People People - Affects or improves people's lives and Happiness.
  • World map World map - Enhances actions on the World Map.

List of technologies[edit]

Technology Time Science points Type Unlockables Prerequisites Description
Tech guardians.png Guardians 18h 100 Building unlock Building guard post.png Guard Post N/A Guards are the backbone of defending the Colony against hostile animals or people. Assign people to Guard Posts so they'll gear up and focus on protecting their fellow Colonists.
Tech bartering.png Bartering 1d 3h 150 Building unlock Building trade center.png Trade Center Tech guardians.png Guardians Your Colony is not the only one in the world. Other Societies are still out there and willing to exchange goods once you have built a Trade Center to coordinate these transactions.
Tech motorization.png Motorization 1d 8h 180 Building unlock Building garage.png Garage Tech bartering.png Bartering Unlocks Garages for repairing and storing cars found on the World Map. Found Vehicles must first be brought to a Garage to be repaired by a Specialist.
Tech blowtorches.png Blowtorches 1d 8h 180 Efficiency
  • Production speed +20% Production speed to:
    • Garage
Tech motorization.png Motorization Cutting or bending metal is an arduous process. With blowtorches, it's still slow, but it makes the work quicker and more bearable.
Faster Vehicle repairs.
Tech rigid chassis.png Rigid Chassis 18h 100 Ideology
  • Action point.png +1 Action points to:
    • Sedan
  • Tech motorization.png Motorization
  • Ideology Visionary architect
Your standard Sedan was not really built for off-road driving. Reinforcing its chassis allows the humble vehicle to take more punishment, so you can take advantage of its speed without it falling apart.
Tech biofuel formula.png Biofuel Formula 1d 11h 200 Building unlock Building refinery.png Refinery Tech motorization.png Motorization Unlocks Refinery for manufacturing Fuel. Refineries are essential in providing a steady source of Fuel for the Colony's exploration needs. Without Fuel, vehicles cannot be repaired.
Refineries require Oil made from Sunflowers to function.
Tech engine overhaul.png Engine Overhaul 18h 100 Ideology
  • Action point.png +1 Action points to:
    • Station-wagon
  • Tech biofuel formula.png Biofuel Formula
  • Ideology Hardy survivalist
While it is a miracle the big ol' clankers haven't all rusted shut, their engines are surely in need of more than a quick tune-up.
Tech controlled burn.png Controlled Burn 15h 75 Ideology
  • Production speed +30% Production speed to:
    • Refinery
  • Tech biofuel formula.png Biofuel Formula
  • Ideology Chaotic misfit
Creating better burning kilns limits how much Oil is wasted in biofuel processing. Doing more with less is the name of the game.
Tech all-terrain tires.png All-terrain Tires 1d 8h 180 Ideology
  • Action point.png +2 Action points to:
    • Hatchback
    • Offroader
    • Sedan
    • Station-wagon
    • Van
  • Tech biofuel formula.png Biofuel Formula
  • Ideology Chaotic misfit
Without proper traction, it doesn't really matter how many horses you have under the hood. All-terrain tires help put that power to the ground on any surface.
Tech disaster forecast.png Disaster Forecast 1d 20h 250 Building unlock Building radar.png Radar Tech biofuel formula.png Biofuel Formula Catastrophes are bad. Catastrophes you did not know were coming are a lot worse. A radar station tuned to monitor the weather, airwaves and distant broadcasts can save numerous lives as an early warning system. It will not prevent the catastrophe, but it gives you more time to prepare for the next one.
Extends the early warning period from one to three days.
Tech frontier outposts.png Frontier Outposts 1d 3h 150 Building unlock Building outpost depot.png Outpost Depot Tech guardians.png Guardians Unlocks Outpost Depots used for establishing and maintaining an Outpost on the World Map. Expanding your Colony's influence past its borders is essential for the Colony's survival.
Outposts allow Specialists to drop off resources without travelling back to the Colony.
Tech advanced colony.png Leadership 1d 8h 180 Building upgrade Building mission control.png Mission Control Tech frontier outposts.png Frontier Outposts Upgraded form of Campsite. Provides a good resting place for Specialists, as well as a much needed common space for all colonists.
Tech general storage.png General Storage 1d 3h 150 Building unlock Building general storage.png General Storage Tech advanced colony.png Leadership Valuable goods deserve a proper place to be stored. A General Storage is a converted and reinforced shipping container able to withstand the elements and thieves alike.
Stores items, food and resources.
Tech shelving.png Shelving 18h 100 Efficiency
  • Capacity +500 Capacity to:
    • General Storage
Tech general storage.png General Storage Making use of the limited floor space by building shelves and organizing the contents maximizes how much valuable stuff can be crammed into a container. And people say that those who have the most stuff in the end will be kings.
Tech advanced colony.png Governance 1d 20h 250 Building upgrade Building command center.png Command Center Tech general storage.png General Storage Upgraded form of Mission Control. A sturdy building used to govern the colony. A necessity in larger colonies which also provides emergency storage for water, food and resources.
Tech reinforced gate.png Reinforced Gate 1d 8h 180 Building upgrade Building gate2.png The Gate Tech frontier outposts.png Frontier Outposts Approaching a reinforced Gate makes anyone respect a Society living behind it a bit more. Survivor Groups are questioned in more detail before being allowed to join the Colony. Sometimes, questioning can reveal important information about the group's conditions.
Tech weapon crafting.png Weapon Crafting 1d 11h 200 Building unlock Building gunsmith.png Gunsmith Tech reinforced gate.png Reinforced Gate Fighting post-apocalyptic wildlife and crazed bandits at melee range isn't the smartest thing one could do. A Gunsmith supplies Guards with proper Weapons to defend the Colony.
Gunsmiths use Metal and Parts to produce Weapons.
Tech weapon crafting.png Arsenal 1d 11h 200 Building upgrade Building grand gunsmith.png Grand Gunsmith Tech weapon crafting.png Weapon Crafting Protecting the Colony with sticks and stones will only get you so far, whereas the best weapons help immensely against all sorts of attacks against the Colony.
Tech reinforced gate.png Fortress 2d 5h 300 Building upgrade Building gate3.png The Gate Tech weapon crafting.png Weapon Crafting A prosperous Colony attracts all sorts of attention. Keep unwanted visitors and Bandits away by building your Gate strong and tall like a fortress.