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Hope can be replenished at the colony square by holding feasts.

Hope.png Hope will start affecting the colony after the first moonfall disaster occurs. This can happen at the earliest at day 13.

The colony needs hope to survive. Disasters, catastrophes and other setbacks, like losing in combat or bad event results, negatively affect colonists' mental health ultimately causing anguish and hostilities.

Hope is best replenished by having small or large feasts, but defeating aggressive foes and making good decisions are just as important. These feasts can be held at the colony square, but they come at a high cost often demanding multiple different resources. Feasts also temporarily increase entertainment, which makes the colonists generally happier during the festivities.

Building overtiming[edit | edit source]

Some buildings can be forced to work overtime to increase their efficiency for 48 hours. This can in some cases be necessary in order to collect enough resources and hold feasts.

To be able to use overtime, the colonists need to use Lunardust.png lunar dust to stay productive. Moonrock.png Moon rocks can be collected with a building called the moon rock scavenger, where they will be refined into the fine lunar dust. Bandits can also sometimes demand this valuable resource as payment, so can be a good idea to keep some stored.

Anguish[edit | edit source]

Anguished colonists can only be treated in a trauma center.

Anguish.png Anguish is a serious mental disorder caused by low colony hope. Colonists affected with the condition experience immense stress and are at the risk of turning hostile if not treated in time. After the colonist turns aggressive there is nothing that can be done for them, which means lethal action must be taken.

Anguish can only be treated in a trauma center. With Antistress.png antistress medication the treatment's speed can be increased considerably. These meds can be produced only in a med hut but first, the knowledge to do this must be acquired by completing the "Shattered Moon" quest. The quest can spawn only after day 29.