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Patch 1.11, aka "Quests", was released on 2020-10-22[1] updating the game build to 7614.

Developer notes

Hello, Survivors!

Update 11: Quests will be adding, quests, new world map content, and more!

Your game version should be on PC and on Xbox.


  • Added Quests to the game.
    • You will now have Quests spawned into your colony, similarly as events.
      • You can clearly differentiate them by the visual look of their floaters.
    • Quests are chained multiphase events that take place on the world map.
      • Usually they start in the colony, but after accepting the quest the next steps happen on the world map.
      • They can be one phase events, or span out to longer storylines with several steps happening on different parts of the world map.
    • 17 unique quests added to the game.
    • Quests won’t have a time limit on them.
    • Visiting with a certain type of Specialist can give you better rewards.
  • Overlays added to the colony view.
    • You can access the Overlay menu from the bottom bar, the same place where previously you could activate the Pollution overlay. This overlay menu can also be activated with the hotkey O and it has replaced the Pollution overlay button in the bottom menu when a controller is used.
    • You have access to 7 different overlays:
      • First button on the list clears the current overlay and shows you the normal state of the colony.
      • Second button activates the Building Health overlay which highlights all your buildings with a color based on their current health (Green to Red, the greener the higher the health).
      • Third button activates the Building Type overlay which highlights all your buildings with different colors based on the building type. For example, all buildings from the Energy category will be a specific color, all buildings from the Happiness category another color, etc.
      • Fourth button activates the Deposit overlay which highlights all the deposits in the colony with different colors based on the deposit type. For example, all deposits that can be scavenged for Planks are highlighted in one color, all Pollution deposits another color etc.
      • Fifth button activates the Water overlay which highlights all Water Producers, Storages and Consumers in different colors. This overlay also shows you the work areas of Water Towers.
      • Sixth button activates the Energy overlay which highlights all Energy Producers, Storage, Distributors and Consumers in different colors. This overlay also shows you the work areas of Transformers and also highlights the Lightning Rod and its work area.
      • Seventh button activates the Living Entities overlay which is the same overlay you previously accessed with the hotkey L or R3 on the controller. This hotkey has been removed.
      • Eighth button activates the Pollution overlay which was previously accessible from the bottom bar or with the hotkey P.
    • Some overlays are also activated automatically:
      • When placing a building that distributes Water or Energy (Water towers or the Transformer) the relevant overlay will be activated to make placing these easier.
      • When you are placing a building that either produces, stores or consumes Water or Energy, an overlay will be activated that shows you the work areas of the relevant distributing buildings.
        • The exception with these are the Clean Water Storage buildings. As these do not require placement close to producers, placing them will not activate any overlays.
        • Placing a Field hospital should show you the Work Areas of all Transformers and all Water Towers as it requires both to function.
  • Updates to the World Map
    • The size of sectors have been greatly increased and they will now have more than one location inside of them.
    • Changed the way the Specialists scavenge locations.
      • If the locations have more resources than the Specialist can scavenge on one turn, they will remain at the location and automatically scavenge more after their APs have been refilled, spending their APs at that point.
      • If the location has a chance to cause damage to the Specialist, they can still take damage each turn so keep an eye out for them!
      • You can cancel the scavenge by selecting the Specialist and pressing “CANCEL MISSION” from the panel.
    • Scouting and combat with bandits both now cost only one AP instead of all remaining APs.
    • Bandits will now regenerate health in the same cycle as the Specialists’ APs are refilled.
  • Added edge-scrolling to the game.
    • You can toggle this on/off from the Controls tab from Settings.
  • The game will now require you to press a button on your controller or with your mouse if you wish to switch the control mode between them.
  • Added a new Specialist called Baron to the game. You can choose them already from the Pregame Specialist selection.


  • Resources that previously were placed to the Gate storage will now be placed to the ground next to it.
    • Your colonists should then take all the resources to appropriate storage buildings.
    • If you continue an old save that has resources already in the gate storage, they will remain there and wait for colonists to come and pick them up when necessary as before.
  • The notification “Hostiles in the colony!” now appears also when there are hostiles in the colony from Gate Combat.
  • Added Elders and Shelter space to the tooltip for Colonists in the top bar.
    • You can now see the amount of Elders as clearly as adults and children.
    • Shelter space shows the amount of available and the entire amount of shelter space in your colony.
  • Buildings that are blocked by catastrophes now show the text “Blocked by catastrophe” in the top of their info panel when they have been selected.
  • Adjusted how roads are being built by carriers.
    • Previously only a few colonists would work on building the roads, leading to a lot of roads never getting built.
    • Now as the road waits for builders, more colonists can get the task to build it, this will ensure they get built more quickly.
  • The Specialist Menu that used to be accessible from the bottom bar has been removed as it was replaced by the Specialist Selection Menu in the last update.
  • Added a timer to the second starter event which you can use to invite the colonists.
    • Previously this event would disappear if “Continue Preparing” was chosen and reappear after a certain amount of time.
    • Now the floater will remain on the screen with a timer. After time has run out, the flare will be automatically shot.
  • When starting a new game, hovering over the Happiness tab no longer shows you having +5 happiness bonus from None.
  • Save metadata has been added to the game.
    • After saving a new game, you will now be able to see a screenshot of the game and certain details of that save in both the Save and Load game menus.
    • Older saves will unfortunately show only “No data to show”.
  • New saves will now appear at the top of your list of saves instead of the bottom.
  • Specialists will now show the relevant hint for you to be able to send them to the World Map.
    • Previously this only told you to build the City Gate.
    • Now these hints include placing the campsite, preparing for the colonists and advice to wait until your Specialist has healed enough.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting one building would show the work area of another type of building. Issue was visible with the Sawmill, the Environmental Station and the Water Pump.
  • Added a text to building info panels that show if they are blocked by on-going catastrophes.
  • Adjustments and changes to tutorials and how they are completed.
    • Some tutorials will now be completed by performing different actions than before.
    • Some tutorials should now auto-complete themselves if the action has already been done (such as the Trade tutorial - if you have already started a trade with a society, you should no longer see this tutorial).
    • Adjust worker slots tutorial has been changed so that you should now be able to complete the tutorial by changing the workslots of any building in your colony.
  • Any building that requires zero resources and time to build will now be instantly built in the game.
    • Currently only the Campsite is this kind of building, as the Stockpile and decorations still require the colonists to spend time building them.


  • Added different age icons that are shown in the person info panel next to the age of the colonist.
  • Major updates to the Colonist Info Panel, Specialist Info Panel, Building Info Panel, Statistics window and the Tech Tree.
    • The Colonist Info Panel now shows more information about that colonist, such as their shelter and radiation value. You can also see their malnutrition level from this panel. The equipment the colonist has (such as tools and clothes) show their current durability percentage.
    • The Colonist Info Panel will also show you a small description of their current conditions and needs, and if hovered over, a more detailed description of that same condition or need. The same applies to the traits the colonists have as well.
    • The Specialist Info Panel now shows more details of their skills and how they affect the Specialists. These are all visible in one tab instead of the two that were previously.
    • The Building Info Panel now shows all the same details you saw previously except now in a more condensed and easier to understand way. Whenever you can select something for a building (such as the seed to be planted on a field or the type of clothing to be produced in a tailor) you will see an updated panel open as well.
    • The Statistics window shows the same details as before but the navigation has been changed and some bug fixes have been made to it.
    • The Tech Tree has all new buttons with more details in the buttons themselves. The Tech Tree also shows a legend that explains some of the key icons shown in the buttons themselves.
  • Visual update to the Save and Load game menus as well.
    • This is to reflect the addition of the Save Metadata.
  • Whenever a tree is cut down, you will now see the animation of it falling down.
  • Fixes to the lights and fog to prevent visible clear squares in the fog over lakes.
  • All building icons the Build Menu have been updated.
  • Fixed an issue with missing pollution effects from the clean water storage buildings.
  • Visual updates to the lighting in the World Map.
  • Updates also to the animations on the Specialists in the World Map.
  • Small polishes to several different effects on both the colony side and on the World Map.
  • Improvements to the visual looks of some buildings and deposits.
  • Improvements on how the colony brush textures match the terrain on the colony side.

Balance adjustments

  • Due to the changes to the World Map, the amount of resources found in locations have been balanced. You should also be able to find more types of resources as well.
  • More events can now appear in the beginning of the game.
  • Increased the amount of time it takes to research certain techs in the Tech Tree.
  • Increased the size of the work area for the Guard Post and the Maintenance Depot.
  • The APs of both Specialists and Vehicles have been raised to reflect the changes in the World Map.
  • The radius on the Transformer has been increased.
  • The speed and efficiency of Specialists in the colony have also been improved.
  • The Trapper and Fishing Hut productivity has been adjusted to be more similar to each other. Both have also been slowed down a bit.
  • The Water Well has been adjusted so that at 100% efficiency it can only provide 10 units of water (previously 12).
  • Reduced crop planting and harvesting times slightly. Decreased some crop yields slightly.


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