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Patch 1.17 was released on 2021-09-02[1] updating the game build to 3533.

Developer notes

Due to the massive changes to the game in this update, your saves from previous updates will not work after updating the game!

Game versions
  • PC:
  • Xbox:



We have gone through all the resources and buildings in the game and done a complete overhaul of how resources are used and gained in the game as well as moved some resources to be more a mid-game resource.

  • In the beginning of a new game, you will now need only Wood and Plastic. The Stockpile can now be used for gathering only Wood from deposits.
  • Wood is the same resource as Planks was before, renamed for consistency.
  • Concrete can now be gathered with a dedicated building called Concrete Scavenger, which you will first have to unlock from the Tech Tree.
  • The regular Scrapper used for gathering Metal will also now need to be unlocked from the Tech Tree.
  • The Metal and Concrete deposits should now be a bit further away from the starting point and the smaller Concrete deposits have been completely removed.
  • Buildings will now use resources more based on the stage of the game you are able to unlock them.
  • Early game buildings will require only Wood and Plastic but as you progress through the game, you will need Metal, Concrete, and other resources as before to build the more advanced structures. Some resources will no longer be used as construction materials at all.
  • The amount of resources needed to construct different buildings have been increased however so have the production rates of all buildings as well as the amounts of resources found in different deposits.
  • We have also gone through the resources found in different locations on the World Map and balanced them to match these changes.
  • You will not be able to find locations with basic resources such as Wood or Plastic anymore on the World Map.
  • Societies will however now have some of the basic resources on offer from time to time, making them a more infinite source of the basic resources.
  • The Logging Camp building now uses Wood to create Firewood instead of gathering Firewood from the trees around the colony.


Resource Outposts have also been added to the game.

  • These Outposts work similarly to the Research Outposts, collecting resources from the locations in their sector and sending them automatically back to your colony.
  • You can spot the resource locations on the World Map from the noticeably different floater on top of the locations. Regular locations will still have the circle shape, Outpost locations will have the cog-shaped floater.
  • The Resource Outposts can now be used to produce resources on the World Map without needing to assign colonists to this production. You will be able to produce Fuel, Fun boxes, and other resources for your colonists.
  • With the addition of the Resource Outposts, some resources can no longer be produced in the colony.
  • You will need to create Outposts to the World Map to be able to produce the following resources for your colonists:
    • Superior Tools
    • Superior Clothing
    • Automatic Rifles
    • Rare Metals
  • The tier 3 items have been removed from the recipe selection of relevant buildings and the Magnetic Separator building and its deposits have been removed from the game completely.
  • These resources can still be offered for trade by the various societies in the World Map.

Tech tree

With these massive changes to how resources are being used and produced in the game, we have also reworked the Tech Tree entirely.

  • While still having five categories, most of these categories are completely new and the location of different techs has changed.
  • The Food category contains techs that help you keep your colonists fed and well-nourished.
  • The Resources category will have all the techs you need to gather and produce various resources for your colonists to utilize.
  • All techs you need for improving how your colony functions as a whole can be found in the Infrastructure category of the Tech Tree. This category also contains the techs required for unlocking energy production for example.
  • The Community category is where you will find the techs that help you keep your colonists happy and your colony running smoother.
  • The Safety category contains the techs you need for ensuring the safety and health of your colonists.
  • The costs of each tech have also been rebalanced as have the times it takes to research each tech.
  • Some buildings that were previously immediately available have also been added to the tech tree instead.
  • For example, the Tailor and the Toolshop must first be researched from the Tech Tree before they can be built.
  • Some techs were also removed - mostly as these were considered to be unnecessary after the changes to the entire game.
  • The techs unique for each ideology have also been changed.
    • The Survivalist ideology is now more focused on basic survival and best for colonies that can do more with less.
    • The Industrialist ideology is for a more resource production-oriented type of gameplay.
    • The Protector ideology is suitable for those who want to take the best care of their colonists.
    • We have also removed the need to unlock different decorations from different techs.
  • Decorations will now be unlocked by gaining Prestige in the game through Milestones. You can check your current score by opening the Milestones menu.
  • Whenever you reach a high enough score to unlock more decorations, you should see a green plus icon in the Build Menu button as well as the Decorations category and the newly unlocked decorations themselves.
  • The Tech Tree button will also show an indicator once all techs in the queue have been researched.

Happiness system

The Happiness system of the game has also been completely reworked.

  • Previously your colonists would visit an Entertainment building to gain happiness on a personal level. While the game still checks the personal levels of each individual colonist, the Entertainment buildings now affect the entire colony as a whole, increasing the overall happiness.
  • Each Entertainment building will increase the overall Happiness level of your colony by a set amount, visible in the building UI as well as the Build Menu. Each will also give you a small uniqueness bonus the first time they are built.
  • New buildings have also been added to the game to give you more variety for your colony.
    • The Botanic Garden will provide your colonists a serene place to calm themselves in the hectic colony.
    • The Brawl Pit will offer your colonists a way to let off some steam.
    • The Stormdome, which replaces the old Arena, is the ultimate fighting arena for your colonists.
    • The Shrine gives your colonists a place to stop by and exercise their spiritual side.
    • The Public House is a great place for your colonists to have fun, form social bonds and enjoy a refreshment.
  • With this new change with the buildings affecting the entire colony, the colonists no longer need to physically visit the building to gain the happiness bonus from it.
  • This also means that colonists will no longer go to Entertainment buildings to recharge after a long day of work as they did before.
  • In case your colony sinks into despair and your colonists are unhappy for too long, they will start considering leaving your colony. You will always get a notification for this situation which should give you some time to try and make the colony a happier place. You can do this by building more Entertainment buildings or improving the conditions your colonists are living in currently.
  • The Happiness level also affects the birthrate in your colony. At a neutral level, the rate is the same as before. Happy colonists will have an increased rate and sad colonists will have a decreased rate.


The scouting done on the World Map has been changed so that it will take time-based on the max Action Points of the Specialist performing the action.

  • The action itself will not be instant as it was before, but instead, take at least one cycle of Action Points being refilled.
  • If a Specialist has a low amount of Action Points, scouting can take even longer.
  • Only one specialist at a time can scout a specific sector, so adding more Specialists is not possible.


  • We have implemented new universal buttons to the building info panel.
    • The Repair button is now greyed out instead of hidden on buildings that cannot be repaired at that moment.
    • If a building has an unlockable (but not yet unlocked) upgrade in the tech tree, the upgrade button will be greyed out instead of hidden.
    • Different UI panels in the colony can no longer be dragged up and down the screen.


  • Selecting a Specialist from the Specialist Menu with a single click will no longer focus the camera to the location of the Specialist.
    • A single click will only select the Specialist, the camera will remain in its current position.
    • Double-clicking on the Specialist will now focus the camera instead.
  • The Healing Outpost is now used as an action instead of the Specialist simply standing on top of it. This will now prevent the Specialist is ready -notification from being shown every turn for a Specialist who is still being healed.
  • Resources can now be brought from several different storage buildings to the production buildings. Previously these buildings would require the resources for production to all be in the same storage for them to be utilized. This change now fixes this issue and allows for smoother production.
  • The old type of combat at the gate has been removed.
    • This feature was not working as we wanted it to work and did not give our players a proper chance to react to the attackers, so the phase of combat at the gate has been removed completely.
    • If an event occurs at your gate that results in combat, the attackers will immediately be in your colony, instead of at the gate.
    • This has also allowed us to balance the groups attacking your colony better.
  • The maximum health of Specialists has been changed for different types of specialists.
    • The Fighter specialists will still have 100 as their maximum health.
    • Scavengers and Scouts will now have 90 as their maximum health.
    • Scientists now have 80 as their maximum health.
  • The intro has been changed so that you are given first a smaller area where to place your campsite. After it has been built, a bigger portion of the colony will be instantly scouted.
    • The setup phase is also shorter now so that the flare will be automatically shot after a shorter time than before.
    • The game can now also be saved and loaded during the intro phase.
  • The option to change the safe area size has been added to the General tab of the Settings in the Main Menu.
  • Some changes were made to how the Hire a Specialist button works.
    • The cooldown of the event now starts only if a Specialist was hired.
    • The Specialist offered by this event will not change immediately if the button is pressed, the Specialist is ignored, and then the button is pressed again.
    • Also fixed an issue that caused the wrong portrait to be shown in the panel after pressing Hire a Specialist with having another specialist selected.
  • Flax can now be grown in open fields instead of only in Greenhouses. It is also available immediately at the start of the game.
  • Starting populations in all three pregame choices have been increased slightly.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to be broken on load if the game was saved with a broken Scout Tower in the colony.
  • Colonists that arrive after the flare has been shot can now have currency already with them.
  • Colonists arriving from Survivor Groups can now have currency with them.
  • Wild animals in the colony that are guarding a specific deposit will now be highlighted when the deposit is selected.
  • The Build Menu will now show the amount of available prefab buildings in relevant categories.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the combat on the World Map to never end when a Specialist was commanded to the combat after another Specialist had died.
  • The amount of graves in the Cemetery building should increase and decrease based on the number of colonists buried in the building.
  • Wild animals should no longer attack your colonists from the fog.
  • Settlers can no longer be created from dead Specialists.
  • Unrefined resources will now decay from the colony instead of remaining on the ground forever or being brought to a storage building.
    • This fix will affect the Metal Debris and Plastic Trash resources that are gathered from the deposits around the colony and brought back to the relevant buildings.
    • This will also affect the Logs that were previously brought back to the storage buildings but never refined from there.
  • Bandits or hostile animals should no longer attack fields.
  • Open fields should now always be visible when being placed in the colony.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rat Swarm disaster that would cause it to appear on all buildings if the game was saved and loaded while it was occurring. This fix will also affect the Space Junk disaster that would previously disappear if the game was saved and loaded while it was falling.
  • Work area indicators will now show a tooltip when hovered over.
  • Fields placed on low fertility positions in the colony will now show a condition indicating this. You can also no longer select seeds for fields with a 0% efficiency.
  • Specialists can now be sent to the World Map even while the game is paused. Previously selecting the Send to World Map option required the game to be unpaused for the Specialist to appear in the World Map.
  • The Build Outpost button should now be greyed out if the Settler is currently in an unsuitable sector.
  • Underground deposits will no longer play their discover animation every time after the game is saved and loaded after they have been discovered in the colony.
  • Newly unlocked buildings will now show an indicator in the Build Menu.
    • This indicator is also shown in the relevant category.
    • The indicator should disappear after the building hovers over.
  • The top bar numbers will now be formatted differently to ensure all amounts fit the allocated space properly. When the amount is over 10 000, it will now be shown as 10,0k.
  • The event visuals will no longer be visible before the actual event animations have been played.
  • World Map action floater (spinning arrows around the location floater) will no longer be shown until the Specialist has reached the location and actually started the action.
  • The game should now return you straight back to the World Map from the Society page if you opened it by selecting the Society from the World Map.
  • The Warehouse can now be built only after the Gate has been built.
  • Enemies that attack your colony will now have a small highlight when they are spawned.
  • Attack particles coming from the hostile animals should now be shown in the correct place instead of the middle of the colony. This issue caused for example the green goo the Sandworm spits out to be shown in the middle of the colony instead of where the Sandworm is spitting it to.


  • Updated the visual look of the event windows.
  • Event artwork has been polished.
  • Updated the visual look of the menus that pause the game.
  • Added a new animation for the scaffolding that appears around construction zones when they are being built.
  • Colonist needs are now shown on two rows to ensure texts fit the allocated space better.
  • Added particles to the Healing outpost to indicate when it is in use.
  • Added missing contamination animations to several buildings.
  • The icicles on the Maintenance Depot are no longer misplaced during winters.
  • Updated the resource display style of the scavenge and research panels on the World Map.
  • Updated the look of the Medic Tent as it was too similar to the Red Cross symbol.
  • Added the destruction animation to the Skinner Building.
  • Minor fx tweaks to the pollution deposits to make them more visible in the colony.
  • Fixed the spray effect of the irrigated fields.

Balance adjustments

  • All of the different resource costs around the game have been balanced to fit the new resource chain.
    • All buildings cost more to build but produce more than before.
    • Repair costs have also been increased to match the adjustments.
  • The amount of currency that can be found in locations on the World Map has been increased.
  • Colonist trait effects have been adjusted to match the new Happiness system.
  • The Campsite and the Colony Center scout their areas a little faster now.
  • The colonists’ carry capacity has been increased.
  • Reduced the combat damage resistance of some buildings.
    • This means that they can now get broken a bit more easily.
    • All buildings should now have a more consistent resistance to combat damage.
  • The Guard Post building will now do slightly less damage to its attackers.
  • The Shotgun and the Assault Rifle will now do slightly less damage to hostiles.
  • Resources required to make different medicines in the Medical Lab building have been changed.
  • The Water Well now produces slightly more water.
  • Catastrophes are now a bit longer in duration.


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