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Patch 1.2, aka "Outposts", was released on 2019-12-05[1] updating the game build to 5239.

Developer notes

Greetings, Survivors!

The new update for Surviving the Aftermath is now live! You can find the changelog below. With this update, your game version should be on PC, and on Xbox.


  • Removed references to specialist names from their background stories.
    • Renaming them does not contradict their backstories anymore.
  • [Community request] The game no longer spawns duplicate Specialists.
  • Action Points are replenished for all Specialists at the same time twice a day.
    • The circular meter around the world map now is synced to an AP refill cycle.
  • Statistics window now contains graph views for produced and consumed resources and the colony population count.
    • We will improve this feature in the future.
  • World Map camera now retains its position when cycling between the Colony and the Map view.
  • Implemented multithreaded pathfinding.
    • This change will improve performance with larger colonies.
  • Tutorial descriptions now have icons to clarify the instructions.
  • Trade and Outpost sections added to in-game help.
  • [Community request] Improved specialist list scrolling feature in the world map.
  • Toned down the tutorial duck sound effect.
  • Change notes history is now available in the main menu showing all change notes since the release.


  • 14 friendly society types added to the World Map.
    • They will offer trading opportunities to players.
      • More interaction options will be implemented with future updates. See the details about Trade below.
    • Only 5-10 of them can be found from the world map at a time.
  • Bandits on the World Map are now unique with different portraits and different statistics.
    • Six different bandit factions.
    • Individual features and appearance will be expanded further in future updates.
    • Bandit camps share the same factions as the individual bandits inhabiting locations.
  • [Community request] New Outpost functionality:
    • Unlockable by researching Outpost Depot in the tech tree.
    • Build an Outpost Depot into the colony.
    • Establish an outpost into the world map (from the building info panel) to any neutral sector.
      • One Outpost Depot can Support one Outpost.
    • Outposts are drop off points for the resources that specialists scavenge on the World Map. These resources are automatically transferred back to the colony from the outpost.
  • [Community request] We introduced the first iteration of new Trade functionality:
    • To unlock this functionality, players have to build a Trade Center.
      • Before this update, the building only unlocked bigger trade events to arrive at the gate.
      • This building now handles trade deals and routes between Societies as well.
      • One trade center can manage a limited number of trade routes at a time.
    • Trade options become available after the player finds other societies in the world map.
    • Added a Trade menu to the bottom bar.
      • Trade deals from other societies are listed in this menu.
    • New trade deals are updated periodically based on the goods each society offers.
    • Currently, the player can only import resources from other societies.
      • These resources arrive with a distance-based delay.
      • Resources don’t have an exchange value yet.
      • Export and exchange values will be added in a future update.
  • [Community request] Specialist movements on the world map can be chained.
    • Specialists will now automatically continue traveling to set destination over multiple turns/days.
    • If the player does not give new orders during the turn, they will move towards their original destination at the end of the turn.
    • New orders can be given at any time, and they will override the original commands.
  • Fixed pause functionality in the Burial Pit building.
  • Added 31 new Specialists.
    • Added 10 new colonist portraits.
  • Added 11 new events with new illustrations.
  • Added Underground Deposits.
    • Depleting a large deposit reveals a new Underground Deposit beneath.
  • New Extractor placement restriction.
    • Extractors are required to be placed near the underground deposits to produce resources.
      • Removed the previously placement restriction (Barren Soil).


  • Magnetic Storm and Overcharge now have proper splash damage visual effects.
  • Scaffolding now appears after colonists start the construction of a building, instead of when the players place the construction zone.
  • World map visuals improved:
    • Added new biome-based terrain features and scattered roads.
    • Improved mountains.


  • [Community request] Greenhouse now costs less Metal and more Plastic, as suggested by the visuals.
  • Reduced the birth rate when the Colony gets bigger.
  • Survivor group size adjusted for better Gatekeeper-based control.
    • Supersized survivor groups should no longer be a common occurrence.
  • The water consumption rate slowed down by 33%.
  • Water Towers’ fill-up rate slowed down.
  • Water towers require less metal and more plastic than before.
  • Trapper now produces Fiber (i.e., animal hides) as a side product.
  • Trapper now requires more densely wooded areas to reach maximum effectiveness.
  • Fishing Hut production time decreased.
  • Catastrophes changes:
    • Fallouts are less deadly.
    • Meteor Shower is slightly more scattered.


  • Full BuildingTemplate is now exposed to modders instead of the old ProxyBuilding. This change allows modding of all the building features currently present in the game.
  • Mod tools have been updated.
  • The mod file format.
  • New Mod file format implemented. All mods should be updated after these changes.
    • Proper error handling for older mods will come in a future release.