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Patch 1.21.X are all patches beginning with 1.21.


Main article: Patch 1.21


1.21.3 is a patch released on 2022-01-04[1] updating the game build to 1473.


  • Added Demolish and Repair modes to the game.
    • These modes allow you to set buildings to be Demolished or Repaired faster.
    • With a keyboard and mouse these can be accessed by selecting the button from the bottom left corner and then selecting each building you wish to either Demolish or Repair.
    • With a controller these can be accessed by pressing the button that controls the camera and then pressing the respective buttons visible on the screen.
    • The modes are exited the same way as you would cancel placing a building.
  • Gate Combat now gives you rewards if you win the combat.
    • Resources will be given both from winning the actual Gate Combat and from winning the combat if the bandits breach the Gate.
  • Added a new tech to all ideologies to the game that allows you to upgrade your Metal Auto-Extractor to a Magnetic Separator.
    • This building is used to produce Rare Metals from underground metal deposits around the colony.
    • After upgrading to the Magnetic Separator you can choose from the building’s info panel which resources you want it to produce, Rare Metals and Metal or Metal and Junk.
  • New difficulty setting has been added to the game.
    • You can now choose Very Hard settings in the pregame selections.
    • These selections include:
      • More difficult catastrophes that occur more frequently.
      • A dryer colony with smaller and fewer deposits around it.
      • Limited starting resources and colonists.
      • Limited water and energy production values.
  • The Twitch integration has been worked on and it should now be working without issues.
    • Enabling this will allow the viewers in your chat to vote which option they would choose in an event or a quest but you as the player can still make the choice.
    • Your viewers can also vote on which catastrophe will be occurring next - you as the player cannot change the outcome of the vote but instead will have to experience the catastrophe chosen by the voters.


  • Fixed an issue with the notification for the Main Quest storyline that caused it to show misleading information.
    • Previously this notification would tell you to go to the Bunker’s construction zone despite the quest being in a state where you should wait until you have gathered more knowledge.
    • The notification should now show the current task correctly.
  • The colonists working as Guards and the Specialists should now prioritize targets for combat better.
    • This change should now make them automatically change target during combat if for example there are new targets closer to them or if they are moving towards the target and the target moves.
    • The Guards and Specialists will still follow the command given by the player with the highest priority.
  • Guards and Specialists will now also react to hostiles from a greater distance.
  • Fishing buildings can no longer be placed too close to each other.
    • This change affects the Fishing Pier, Fishing Hut and the Aqua Farm.
    • These buildings will now need to be placed further away from each other.
    • The area that prevents placement of another fishing building is shown when the building is placed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Epic exclusive flag to not show in the Epic version of the game.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Main Quest to become stuck if a side quest was also active at the same time with certain steps.
    • This fix will sadly not repair previous saves with this issue but it will prevent the same issue from occurring again.
  • Added a button to the building info panel that allows you to duplicate the building.
  • New hotkeys have been added to the game to be used when a building or a construction zone is selected.
    • The following buttons have been added with the default hotkeys shown here:
      • Pause the building or construction zone - P
      • Repair the building - Comma
      • Upgrade the building - Period
      • Duplicate the building - V
      • Destroy the building or cancel the construction zone - Del
  • Specialists should now start scouting and combat with bandits in a blocked sector with queued movement.
    • Previously they would stop at the edge of the sector and they would have to be commanded to do the action again.
  • The Main quest will no longer advance if the player builds a regular outpost to the desert biome.
    • The game now checks that the outpost is an Engineer outpost before allowing the quest to advance.
  • Colonists will now take resources into the buildings that produce resources instead of dropping them off to the corner of the building.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game saves to be broken in certain situations.
    • This issue was caused by a conflict with the building references so this issue would only happen in very specific situations..
  • The Help Menu will now show the header and the button prompts in the correct language instead of English.
  • Fixed an issue in the game that caused colonists to remain stuck due to trying to find a new path and failing.
  • The Transport Outpost no longer shows the status of a convoy if nothing is being transported.
  • Housing buildings will now show the work areas for buildings that generate heat.
    • This should help with placing housing buildings in areas that are already heated.
  • Colonists should no longer get the “slept on the ground” happiness penalty when they are sleeping in Crowded Tents or Crowded Emergency Shelters.
  • Changed an attack from the bandits into an attack by rats that occurred in the colony.
    • Previously it would be bandits that attacked from the woods behind your colony.
    • Now the attackers will be rats instead.
    • You should no longer experience any bandit attacks from the woods, only from the gate.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Heavy Tarps tech to show the Improved Tenement as a building the tech affects.
    • This should have shown the Crowded Tent instead.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to center to the old position of the Campsite or its upgrades if the building was demolished and built again somewhere else.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Specialist to slide instead of running to their queued task on the World Map.
  • The Energy overlay is now shown when the Lightning Rod or Tower is being placed.
  • Fixed issues with the New Eden and the Bread and Circuses achievements that prevented them from being unlocked normally.
  • The panel for Bandits on the World Map now shows the correct health for individual bandits and group health.
    • The amounts were previously in the wrong positions.
  • The Survival Skills tech now also affects the Fishing Pier and the Fishing Hut.
  • The floater on top of animal carcasses should now be positioned on top of the carcass.


  • Several buildings have been reworked and now look different than before.
    • The following buildings have been reworked: Mechanic Shop, Tailor and its upgrade Grand Tailor, General Storage, Forester, Maintenance Depot, Mill, Outhouse and its upgrade Toilet, Recycler and its upgrade Advanced Recycler, Cemetery, Trapper and its upgrade Hunting Cabin.
  • Icons used to indicate conditions of a colonist have been updated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the World Map roads to not be visible.
  • The colonist info shown in the Statistics has been updated to look visually similar to the colonist info panel shown when a colonist is selected in the colony.
  • Updated the building thumbnails in the Build Menu to visually match their 3D models.
  • Adjusted the visual look of the Fertility Overlay.
  • The Carrot, Soy and Wheat crop textures no longer have white borders around their leaves.

Balance adjustments

  • The amount of deposits in the colony have been balanced.
    • There are now similar amounts of individual deposits in each difficulty option.
    • The difference between difficulties is now more visible in the amount of resources in each deposit.
  • The amounts of Rubble in Concrete deposits and Debris in Metal deposits have been increased.
  • The Cookhouse and the Mess Hall now use more resources to create meals but they produce the meals faster.
  • Soybeans now take more time to grow in the fields.
  • Decreased the amount of Peanuts harvested from fully grown fields slightly.
  • The Large Solar Panel now produces more energy.
  • The Water Well’s work area has been enlarged.
  • Changed the resources needed to build Happiness buildings.
    • More advanced Happiness buildings now also cost more resources but they also produce more happiness to the colony.
  • The amounts of Prestige points needed to unlock different decorations have also been increased.
  • All three levels of Weapons are now worth less Silver when being traded.
  • The size of the Work Area of the Maintenance Depot can now be enlarged even more than before.
  • The cost of the level 1 tool in the Grand Toolshop now matches the cost in the regular Toolshop.
  • The rate at which societies now update their offerings has been slowed down.
  • Societies will also now offer slightly less currency for all resources.
  • Most food resources are also now worth less Silver when being traded to other societies.
  • The animal carcasses can now be harvested for less meat.
    • This affects all wild animals in the colony.


1.21.4 is a patch released on 2022-01-25[2] updating the game build to 4148.


  • Added Lunar New Year content to the game.
    • Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with colorful lanterns, impressive statues and fireworks!
      • 4 new cosmetic buildings include a colony banner stand, two statues and a fireworks launcher to light up the night.
      • 6 cosmetic variants to decorative lights.
      • Other decorations have also been added as well as Lunar-themed hats for the colonists and lanterns to colony buildings make the whole colony celebrate the lunar new year.
    • You can unlock some of the content by completing milestones for prestige.
      • Some of the content will be automatically applied when the game is loaded, such as the colonist hats and other smaller tweaks to existing buildings.
    • This content will be automatically turned on when the game is updated and will be turned off at a specified time.
      • The content can also be toggled on or off from the ingame settings in the Main Menu.
  • Colonists will now prefer housing buildings that are closer to their workplaces.
    • This should allow your colonists to spend more time working instead of running around the colony to go to sleep in their homes.
    • After you load your previous save, the colonists will start looking for free houses closer to their workplace, which can cause a chain reaction as they all start moving around, but this should cool down after a moment.
  • Improvements and fixes to the colony combat.
    • Colonists will now always flee from combat instead of fighting. Only Guards and Specialists will fight attacking hostiles.
    • The penalty from the Alarm mode has been significantly decreased.
    • Added a highlight to units in combat in the colony.
      • If a Colonist or Specialist has a target to attack, this highlight will be shown.
      • Enemies with a target to attack will also show this highlight.
    • Guard and Specialists should also now be easier to select in the colony.
    • Colonists working as Guards at the Gate should now be constantly working at the gate instead of working as carriers around the colony.
      • They should also now change to the Guard clothing just like the Guards at the Guard Post.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Guards to be less effective in combat after saving and loading.
      • Previously any colonist that had been assigned to work as a guard would have the same values as a regular colonist after saving and loading.
      • Now the values are saved and loaded correctly.
    • Hostile animals should no longer attack open fields or Water Wells when they attack the colony.
    • Increased the damage the Guards and the level 1 weapons do to enemies.


  • PC Only: Added back the possibility to write feedback of the game to the developers.
    • In the Pause Menu, there is now a button Write Feedback. This can be used to write feedback straight to the developers regarding the game.
    • If you encounter any game breaking bugs, please use this to immediately report the issue so that the issue can be investigated as soon as possible.
  • When a resource is now disallowed from a specific storage building, the building will eject all units of that resource onto the ground.
    • They will be spawned next to the building as a resource box the colonists can then carry to other storage buildings that allow the resource.
  • The resource order shown in Allowed Resources for the Campsite, Warehouse and the General Storage has been changed.
    • Resources should now be in a more consistent order.
  • The Colonists working at the Gate will remain working there even after upgrading the Gate.
    • Previously the extra work slots were closed after upgrading.
  • Fixed an issue with the Industrialist ideology that would cause two techs to overlap each other.
    • This issue caused the Conveyor Belts tech to overlap with the Rare Metals tech.
  • Changed the way how tooltips for resource deposits and work areas are shown in the colony.
    • The game should no longer attempt to show them if you are for example only moving past a resource deposit.
    • This should improve the performance of moving around the colony.
  • Also changed the way how panels are shown in the World Map.
    • The panel should only become visible if you stop at a location or sector.
    • This should improve performance when moving around the World Map.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to become stuck if events were closed too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Work Area tooltip to change resources to different ones after hovering over the same resources for a while.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause small decorations to switch their location if they were rotated when placing.
    • This should make placing decorations such as the Small Bush a lot easier.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Trade button to move in the Society window based on the length of the description of the other society.
    • The button should now remain still.
  • The work area resource tooltip should no longer overlap with the repair mode tooltip.
  • The Specialist Menu tooltip now shows the prompts on how to select and focus the camera on the specialist.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the extra panels shown for specific buildings (such as the recipe selection panel) to not close when the cross icon at the top right corner was pressed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the achievement “Look, No Hands” to not complete if the Metal Extractor had been upgraded to the Magnetic Separator.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause green highlights to remain visible constantly for multiple buildings around the colony.
  • Changed the way how buildings which require colonists to gather resources work.
    • Previously the colonists would only drop some resources to the building and not actually work at the building at all.
    • Now the colonists will work at the building as well, though their work cycle is a lot shorter than other buildings.
    • This change affects buildings such as the Scrapper and the Recycler.
    • These buildings will now produce slightly more resources due to the work taking a bit more time.
  • The colonists will now take resources inside production buildings instead of dropping them off at the corner of the building.
  • Fixed the description of the Motorization tech.
    • Previously it would mention that it unlocks the Oil Refinery as well.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a combat event at the gate to result in combat instead of avoiding it despite the text indicating that you have avoided combat.


  • Updated some of the icons of the Build Menu categories.
  • Tweaked the visual look and animations of the following buildings:
    • The Insect Farm.
    • The Sawmill.
    • The Logging Camp.
    • The Lumber Yard.
  • Widened the panel shown when a trade needs to be confirmed.
    • This should now allow texts and resources to fit better.
  • Added a resource box for Medicinal Herb.
    • Previously the colonists would be carrying an invisible box to the storage when Medicinal Herb was being produced.
  • Fixed an issue with the icicles shown on the Botanical Garden.

Balance adjustments

  • Updated the resources the society Coalition offers to be more consistent.
  • Slightly increased the work area of the Radiator and its upgrade.
  • Increased the work area of the Transformer and its upgrade.


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