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Patch 1.23 was released on 2022-06-16[1] updating the game build to 5038. It was released alongside the New Alliances DLC.


  • Added Main Quest rewards.
  • Gather enough Main Quest knowledge to unlock new modifiers that improve your colony, or alternatively, choose a resource reward instead.
  • Each knowledge type (Life Support, Medicine, Defense and Ecosystem) gives different rewards.
  • Added a new Global Effects tab in the statistics menu:
    • Other: displays modifiers that affect the whole colony.
    • Custom game settings: displays the chosen custom game settings.
  • Added a setting for faster World Map animations.
    • Increases the animation speed of World Map actions, such as specialist movement.
  • Changed the way that other societies spawn in the World Map.
    • Societies now spawn randomly to improve gameplay variation.
    • Previously certain societies always spawned in the World Map, such as Lushton.
  • Added the New Alliances DLC banner to the Main Menu.
    • The banner is visible for players that do not have the New Alliances DLC.
    • The banner changes to a DLC toggle button for players that have the New Alliances DLC enabled.


  • The carrier bringing the last resource to a construction zone should now start constructing the building.
    • Previously a random worker would start constructing the building.
  • Defeating bandit camps in the World Map now gives resource rewards based on the location.
    • For example, defeating bandits in a research location will reward the player with science points.
    • Defeating bandit sectors gives a currency reward.
  • Notifications that have many targets can now be selected multiple times to go through all the affected targets.
    • Affects all notifications, such as “constructions finished” and “colonists are injured”.
    • Previously, clicking on the notification moved the camera to the first affected target.
  • Research queue now takes the active research into account when choosing its path. This should make the research queue work much smoother.
    • The top row was prioritized before. This change fixes the issue where a tech has been researched on the bottom row and it would still queue techs through the top row.
  • Low HP colonists will now visit Medical Tents or Field Hospitals to heal themselves.
    • Colonists often had very low health that caused unintended deaths caused by hunger, malnutrition etc.
    • Guards are now more effective as they will heal themselves if their health drops low enough.
  • Critical conditions from workers in entertainment and sanitary buildings are not instantly removed anymore.
    • Building many saunas or entertainment buildings reduced the amount of conditions given to colonists in different situations.
  • Specialists can now be commanded to move to the exact same location as the previous specialist.This was mainly an issue on a controller.
  • Removed camera centering when exiting specialist menu while using a controller.
    • Previously, the camera moved to the player’s colony when the specialist menu was exited.
  • Added a notification when finding a new building in the colony view. Mainly affects the Cold Rush scenario right now.
  • Percentage bonuses from techs now stack cumulatively. Only the latest percentage bonus was active previously.
    • Main quest gives percentage rewards that affect the whole colony. This change was added so that the rewards can stack with all other percentage modifiers e.g. building durability.


  • Polished the Society Menu.
    • Removed unnecessary society introduction texts.
    • Added “Trade offers available” text.
    • Added reputation text and icon.
    • Other smaller image, text and icon changes in different society menu panels.
  • Polished all World Map panels.
    • Increased the size of World Map panels and the texts in them.
    • Made the Society panel more concise.
  • Improved textures for Wind Turbine, Food Storage, Tent, Emergency Shelter and Trapper.

Balance adjustments

  • Added resource rewards to the early stages of the main quest.
    • Rewards have been added throughout the main quest to make it more compelling to do.
  • Hungry colonists now seek food when hunger is at 20%, was 10% previously
    • We received many comments about colonists dying from hunger, even though there was plenty of food available in the colony. This change should reduce the times random hunger deaths happen.
  • Tired colonists now seek shelter to sleep in when tiredness is at 20%, was 10% previously.

Bug fixes

  • Xbox only: fixed an issue that caused Wind Turbine, Lightning Rod, Lightning Tower and Martian Wind Turbine to be unrepairable when the Ultimate Colony DLC was active.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the colonists to run in place and the game would reset to day 0 when loading a save where a building has just been destroyed before saving.
  • Changed the wording for “wasteland biome” in multiple languages in the main quest. This caused misunderstandings in the main quest step that required an outpost to be built on the wasteland biome.