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Patch 1.5.X are all patches beginning with 1.5.


Main article: Patch 1.5


1.5.1 is a hotfix released on 2020-03-12[1] updating the game build to 5946.


  • Loading a save game while on World Map sometimes caused the game to get stuck.
  • Resources no longer disappear if tech to increase storage capacity is unlocked and the storage is filled with higher than default amount of resources.
  • Generic tech icons updated with their own unique icons.
  • Last trade deal no longer overrides all other trade deals when loading a save game.
  • Garage and Sauna now gather resources to their storage only when they actively need them.
  • Repair of a building is no longer paused when the building itself is paused.
  • Repair floater over a building is now shown with higher priority than damage floater.
  • Garage is now destructible and repairable. Stored resources are also now shown correctly in the Garage info panel.
  • Tenement and Emergency shelter icons updated to match the new 3D models.
  • Rubber Scrubbers tech has been activated for the Survivalist ideology.
  • Sauna now shows a floater when there is no firewood available for it.
  • Fixed an issue where trade route visualization sometimes overshoot the target society hex.
  • Add possibility to easily return items selected for trading back to the inventory.
  • Lumber Yard now has proper working sound effects.
  • Societies and outposts on the world map now have ambient sound effects.
  • Science point and currency history is now shown in the statistics menu.
  • Forester now stops working when there is no more space to plant trees.
  • Leader graphics updated.
  • Clicking a trade notification now opens the society window.
  • Flour amount is now shown in the top bar.
  • Camera no longer travels to the middle of the colony map when following a colonist and the colonist dies. All floater icons are also removed from dead colonists.


  • [Community request] Changes on how people reproduce in the colony. The rate of child births should be a lot higher now.
  • [Community request] Mess hall recipes are now more efficient than Cookhouse ones.
  • Sauna storage space and firewood consumption decreased.
  • Trading prices for vehicles are now cheaper.
  • More fiber locations added to World Map.


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