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Quests spawned into your colony, similarly as events, and can be accepted/started by clicking on their purple floaters at the main camp.

  • Quests are chained multi-phase events that take place on the world map.
  • They can be one phase events, or span out to longer storylines with several steps happening on different parts of the world map.
  • Quests do not have a time limit on them.
  • Visiting with a certain types of Specialists can give you better rewards.

List of quests[edit | edit source]

The Behemoth

  • A survivor arrives at the gate and immediately collapses, badly beaten and covered in deep wounds. Despite the colony's best efforts, he only manages to utter a few words before bleeding out. “The lair...we found it! So full of riches, but the beast-it's real!" The description of the lair's location is vague, but the specialists come up with a few potential sites worth investigating.

Bunker Busting

  • An older colonist approaches with a story to tell. Her now deceased father used to work as a quartermaster in the military before the bombs fell, stocking up emergency bunkers not too far from here. She even got to visit one and might still be able to point out its location. The bunker is most likely stripped empty by now-but if not, it could hold valuable resources and information.

Burning Skies

  • It's a well-known tragedy that, in the aftermath, commercial airlines turned into flying coffins as electro-magnetic pulses and magnetic storms fried their in-flight computers. It's still possible to find plane wrecks turned gravesites for their unfortunate passengers. Survivors find these all the time, and asking around for their whereabouts would surely provide you with some coordinates.

Colonial Climate

  • "Hey boss, got some time to spare?" one of your colonists asks. "You know all those pockets of radiation, yeah? These recent weather fronts might have pushed some of that nasty green stuff away from valleys and villages, I know a few sites we could go and check for loot and whatnot."

High-rise Lowlifes

  • A rumor about a local bandit lord is going around. One that's gathered quite the hoard during this time of turmoil. She and her gang have taken up residence in a nearby high-rise, fortifying the lower floors. A craft person might get though and relieve the lowlifes of some of their ill gotten gains.

Nuclear Beast

  • An old nuclear power plant looms in the distance, its monolithic cooling towers reaching toward the once blue sky. Their prominence has made them prime targets for scavengers, but a formidable beast has made a liar in one of the plants and has kept looters at bay. Or it might just be a ruse, a rumor to dissuade unwanted visitors.

Old World Knowledge

  • A colonist comes to you offering advise: before finding your colony, she tried to navigate using a larger landmarks as waypoints. One of these was a once magnificent building, which seemed to have deteriorated just enough to allow a resourceful individual to slip in. What's more, few dared to venture close to such places.

Radio Star

  • Long-distance communications were severely hit in the aftermath. As TVs, radio stations and telephones fell silent, people became more isolated than ever. Some of the more industrious survivors have been trying to restore basic comms between societies with little luck. So when faint, crackling signals stated repeating a set of coordinates in your transceiver, everyone was rather surprised.


  • Some post-apocalyptic groups are less adept at building and have resorted to taking from others --with violence when necessary. Local raider activity has picked up recently, and several gangs have been spotted looting in more isolated areas. it would be a good time to strike while they're concentrated on ransacking these locations.

Raider the Raiders

  • From your various close encounters with bandits, you've deduced they must be running supplies not too far from here. All their spoils of war are siphoned inside large camps safe from other bandits or societies. One such convoy is now on its way to a local encampment and the resources within are surely lost if it gets there. Bandits and their makeshift trucks aren't known for their speed, so you should have time to intercept them.


  • Usually a very positive colonist has recently been deeply troubled by something. When asked, he tells that he's been worried sick about the attacks that have been made to nearby colonies. He's worried about his sister, with whom he lost contact some time ago thanks to a petty argument. The last he heard of her, she lived in one of the settlements that have been attacked by the bandits. According to the man, his sister Lucy always wears a silver pendant with their mother's initials. Looking for her would give the colonist a peace of mind.

Road Raid

  • Frontier Nomads are a loosely organized group of bandits who, despite insisting they're pragmatic and fair, habitually raid settlements with little remorse. Scouts have spotted a few of their convoys, heading over to towns. Intercepting them there to secure some resources might be a worthwhile idea.

Swarming Rats

  • The Dead Rats are considered to be more of a nuisance than an actual threat to well-defended colonies. However, their numbers have recently begun to rise at an alarming rate. They appear in large numbers and force everyone to join them. They have also taken control of several remote locations, such as old farms to create supply for their growing needs.

The Urban Occult

  • With large-scale food industry in ruins and disease running rampant, their grey obelisk=like structure serve as grim reminders of past events. Pockets of radiation and roaming bandits looking for scraps or easy prey make them treacherous but profitable to scavenge. Your scouts reckon one town close by could be worth a visit.