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DLC Rebirth.png Rebirth

Banner Rebirth.jpg

Release date / Patch
2023-03-16 / 1.25

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Rebirth is the 3rd expansion for Surviving the Aftermath. It was announced on 2023-03-07[1] and was released on 2023-03-16[2].

DLC features[edit | edit source]

For the longest time, you strived to survive the aftermath on planet Earth. Now, thanks to your knowledge, skills, and leadership, you can finally look forward to a new chapter for humankind.

"Rebirth" is your mantra, your goal, the dream that will make you overcome old and new challenges, for your survivors and all humanity.

DLC Rebirth.png Blight: from threat to resource

After decades of exposure to radioactive pollution, a new infestation called Blight has emerged. Mutated fungi have started to infect the animals, causing them to become aggressive and dangerous.
This infection has spread through the wasteland and is threatening to take over. You will need to find a cure for the Blight to defend against it.
Gather Blight samples, study them in a new research building and make discoveries to unlock new buildings, resources, and upgrades.

DLC Rebirth.png From a wasteland to green pastures

Let's turn this barren land into fertile soil!
With the Terraformer, you will be able to welcome new life: the more you terraform, the more your map will turn green and lush with vegetation and animals.
Be aware of the blighted areas that you will terraform, here, blight monsters will spawn and attack your survivors.

DLC Rebirth.png New buildings and upgrades

"Rebirth" adds three new buildings, three building upgrades, plus an all-new multi-stage Blight lab with its Research tree.
A Purification post will allow you to remove small pollution deposits and it can be upgraded to an Extermination post to clear blighted nests, hives, and lairs.
The Basic Terraformer turns the land into terraformed soil and it can be upgraded to Advanced Terraformer.
The Environmental Station becomes the Hazmat station: with it, survivors can clear the blight cores and stop the creatures' attacks.
While not a new building, the Guard Posts have received significant improvements and will now be more critical than ever when defending your colony.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Rebirth: Release trailer. Free the world from the Blight's plague by discovering a cure and new buildings. Fight the hive monsters and terraform the land to start a new chapter for humankind.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

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