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Surviving The Aftermath's tutorials: Episode 2, Resources.

The game features several resources you'll need to build, upgrade and equip your people with. Resources listed below are separate from various Food items, which have their own section. Water and hydration is also an important resource of its own, but works differently from the ones put in boxes. Resources are either scavenged from the colony view, traded, gained from Events, created at the various buildings or collected from the world map.

Gathering resources from the World Map is handled by Specialists. Low-end materials such as Food or Planks can be gathered in larger quantities than items such as Medicine, as they're easier to find in usable condition. The World Map is the only place to find Components and Electronics early on to get your Energy Production going.

Basic resources[edit]

Basic resources consist mostly of building materials used throughout the game. They're easy to gather or refine, but have little trade value. They're stored in the Stockpile. Most can be used "as is" or refined further into higher grade resources.

Resource Refines to
Logs.png Logs Planks.png Planks Firewood.png Firewood
Junk.png Scrap Metal.png Metal Scrap.png Junk
Metal.png Metal Tools.png Tools
Scrap.png Junk Parts.png Parts
Concrete.png Concrete
Trash.png Trash Plastic.png Plastic Fiber.pngFiber
Plastic.png Plastic Components.png Components Medicine.pngMedicine
Fiber.png Fiber Clothing.png Clothing

Advanced resources[edit]

These resources are hard to get but crucial in advancing your colony. They can be found on the World Map or at times manufactured from basic resources provided you've unlocked the tech and built the correct facility.

Resource Refines to
Parts.png Parts
Components.png Components Electronics.png Electronics
Rare Electronics.png Electronics
Electronics.png Electronics
Fun Box.png Fun Box
Medicine.png Medicine
Iodine Pills.png Iodine Pills
Antibiotics.png Antibiotics


Items category constitutes of final products used either by the Colonists or Specialists. They can be simple toolboxes to help people work faster or something more impactful and life-saving.

Item Use
Tools.png Tools +50% Work Speed
Tools.png Hardened Tools +75% Work Speed
Clothing.png Clothing Basic protection
Clothing.png Reinforced Clothing Limited protection from radiation
MedKits Instant healing