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Surviving The Aftermath's tutorials: Episode 5: World Map and Specialists.

The World Map has a number of actions your Specialists can perform. You can scavenge abandoned locations, fight bandits and trade with Societies or research for valuable Science points science points used to unlock the Tech tree.

All actions on the world map consume Action Points (AP). Movement takes one or more APs per hex depending on the biome of the terrain hex. All other actions, such as Scavenge, Scout, Research and Attack deplete the remaining action points for the day. APs are replenished a couple of times per day. The amount of APs depend on the Specialist's Exploration skill


Uncovering the world map sector by sector affords new opportunities to bring back resources most needed at the colony to keep people from starving or to get the Energy.png Energy production going to enable more advanced buildings to be constructed.



The world map is divided into sectors which must be scouted one at a time by a Specialist. Push onward on the map to reveal new locations and resources.


Biome Movement Bandits
Portrait biome 0.png Plains Fast Easy
Portrait biome 6.png Marshland Slow Challenging
Portrait biome 4.png Urban Normal Challenging
Portrait biome 1.png Desert Fast Tough
Portrait biome 2.png Tundra Slow Tough


Many locations are also rife with Hazards, ranging from collapsing buildings to flammable liquids, pathogens and more. These can injure Specialists or even kill them if the wounds are not taken care of with medicine or by recovering in the colony.


Scavenging allows for recovering useful materials and items for the colony. The Scavenging skill varies from person to person, so try to choose the one with the highest number for the most important locations. Every Specialist is proficient in this to a degree, but the Scavenger types can pick a place clean much faster than others. Low-end materials such as Food.png Food or Planks can be gathered in larger quantities than items such as Health.png Medicine, as they're easier to find in usable condition.

Research missions[edit]

The research locations can be searched for Science points Science Points which, unlike other resources, are immediately available for the colony. And the bigger your Specialists' Research skill is, the faster they can extract all the usable knowledge a particular location has to offer.

Location list[edit]

Image Name Resource
Farm Jerky.png Jerky
Decaying Houses Buffaloworms.png Buffaloworms
Ruined Apartments Rare Metals.png Rare Metals
Crumbling Houses Clothing.png Cockroaches.png Basic Clothing, Cockroaches
Desolate Downtown Iodine Pills.png Rare Metals.png Iodine Pills, Rare Metals
Destroyed Downtown Medicine.png Medicine
Devastated Highrises Iodine Pills.png Iodine Pills
Collapsed Highrises Concrete.png Concrete
Museum Science points.png Science Points
Downed Helicopter Medicine.png Medicine
Factory Concrete.png Concrete
Gas Station Resource fuel.png Fuel
Construction Site Tools.png Basic Tools
Hospital Antibiotics.png Antibiotics
Electronics Store Components.png Components
Radio Station Components.png Components
Jetliner Crash Site Components.png Components
Observatory Science points.png Science Points
Ordnance Works Parts.png Parts
Manufactory Metal.png Metal
Hangars Metal.png Metal
Lone Cabin Weapons.png Hunting Rifle
Nuclear Plant Science points.png Science Points
Pharmacy Medicine.png Medicine
Military Camp Weapons.png Hunting Rifle
Shopping Center Fun Box.png Fun Box
Explosives Storage Tools.png Basic Tools
Camping Site Clothing.png Basic Clothing

Returning home[edit]

Specialists need to return scavenged resources back to the colony. Do this by selecting a specialist and give them the order to move back to the Colony. When the specialist reaches the colony, all resources are automatically dropped to the Gate storage where colonists can retrieve them.

Specialists can also get hurt in combat against Bandits, or when they encounter hazards while scavenging or researching locations. Recovering from their wounds must be done in the colony. To heal an injured specialists, order them to travel back to the colony, where they automatically start the recovery on arrival.