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DLC Shattered Hope.png Shattered Hope

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Release date / Patch
2022-11-03 / 1.24

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Shattered Hope is the 2nd expansion for Surviving the Aftermath. It was announced on 2022-10-18[1] and was released on 2022-11-03.

DLC features[edit | edit source]

The Moon is shattered. Broken. Lost in the vast space above planet Earth.

What was once a beacon of hope in the sky has now left survivors to deal with a new catastrophic void. Use the Moon’s fragments to your advantage and make sure to keep your hopes up (literally!) to survive.

DLC Shattered Hope.png Face the moonfall and use it to your advantage with the new building boost mechanic.

The Moon is shattered in the sky and its fragments are crushing down on Earth leaving behind them devastation - but also moon rock deposits.
You can refine lunar fragments and obtain lunar dust which will be used to increase the production of your buildings for a limited time.
This new building boost mechanic is called overtime.

DLC Shattered Hope.png Keep your hopes up and feast.

Hope is a new global value that decreases over time and when catastrophes happen in the game.
If kept too low for too long, it will trigger a new condition called anguish that, if left untreated, may turn your colonists hostile.
So, keep your hope as high as possible by holding feasts at the new colony square building!

DLC Shattered Hope.png New production chain: take care of your colonists!

When colonists experience anguish, you can help them by building a trauma center where they will heal.
They will recover faster thanks to a brand new medicine called antistress.
To make it, you’ll have to grow raw resources on the mushroom farm, then refine them into the actual medicine in the med hut building.

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Shattered Hope: Release trailer.

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