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There are limited amount of resources available in the colony. Building the Gate allows you to explore the world map and attract both visitors and survivors to the colony.

In the world map there are plenty of opportunities to scavenge more resources and research information to unlock new technologies from the tech tree.

Specialists have eight different skills with their proficiency in it numbered from 1 to 5. One means they're barely competent in it, five that they're world class

  • Leadership: Added soon.
  • Exploration: Amount of Action Points.
  • Firepower: Base attack damage.
  • Trading: Added soon.
  • Research: Science Point gathering rate per action.
  • Scavenging: Resource scavenging rate per action.
  • Medical: Added soon.
  • Recovery: Healing speed in the colony.

Check out the many tasks your Specialists can perform in the Actions section.