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Specialists are special units who can be controlled directly. Specialists do not need to be provided with Resource storage.png Resources to survive, but they are not invincible. They have a limited set of moves on the World Map and can be damaged and even killed in combat.

Specialists in the Colony[edit]

Specialists can do various tasks while in the colony. They can be directly commanded to build and repair buildings, explore the surrounding areas, hunt animals and defend the colony.

Learn how to directly control Specialists on the Commands page.

Specialists in the World Map[edit]

There are limited amount of resources available in the colony. Building the Gate allows you to explore the World Map and attract both visitors and survivors to the colony. In the World Map there are plenty of opportunities to scavenge more resources and research information to unlock new technologies from the Science points Tech Tree.

See more about the actions Specialists can perform in Sectors and locations -page.

Specialists Skills[edit]

Specialists have five different skills with their proficiency in it numbered from 1 to 5. One means they're barely competent in it, five that they are world class.

Skill Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Description
Weapons.png Attack 2-7 3-8 4-9 5-10 6-11 Attack damage.
Scout.png Exploration 4 5 6 7 8 Amount of Action points (APs).
Health.png Recovery 15 20 25 30 35 Healing speed (in HP/day) in the colony.
Science points.png Research 60 90 120 150 200 Science point (SP) gathering rate per action.
Resource production.png Scavenging x1 x1.4 x1.8 x2.2 x2.8 Resource scavenging rate per action.

List of specialists[edit]

Image Name Speciality Background
Portrait specialist 01.png Rose Scavenger Born and raised a natural fast-talker, she is the type of person who wraps you around her finger without noticing. She picked up the family trading business with ease and was doing just fine for herself before the catastrophe.
Portrait specialist 02.png Wheeler Scavenger There's no gas-powered doodad he hasn't bought or sold. The hoarding habits have served him well in bartering and his rumoured stash is now supposed to contain a mint-conditioned chopper. The ol' codger's eyesight isn't what it used to be, though, so taking it for a spin might prove dangerous.
Portrait specialist 03.png Bonny Fighter She'd probably be just as much at ease on a boat as on land. Her marksmanship aboard speeding vehicles is as legendary as her post-battle drinking habits. It's still unclear which made her lose an eye, but that doesn't hinder her scoping abilities one bit, though.
Portrait specialist 04.png Fritz Fighter Born into a military family, his career was already set for him at young age. In the service he not only met but surpassed his peers' nigh-impossible expectations, and is still rather smug about it all. He prefers frontline combat, so don't ask him to go "just scouting".
Portrait specialist 05.png Vulture Scavenger Not the one for small-talk, or any kind of talk really, this man prefers solitude. Born into absolute poverty, he quickly learned both how to scavenge valuables from trash piles and defend his findings from less adept rivals. He isn't rude per se, but rather prefers the concept of a wide personal space.
Portrait specialist 06.png Pinkman Scavenger As the runt of the litter with little care or love, he spent his formative years in a juvenile gang. He learned to fend for himself, steal what was needed and not worry about tomorrow. That keen survival instinct is going to come in handy, if he finds a worthy cause or leader to follow.
Portrait specialist 07.png Crow Scout The sole survivor of three sisters, she was thrown into a lonely world as the apocalypse came and swept over their town. She prefers being constantly on the move exploring, but never forgets to hold a moment of silence for her two sisters in the evening.
Portrait specialist 08.png Tigon Scout He has always been the odd one out, going a bit too deep on conspiracy theories for it to be endearing or funny. His ramblings of the Old Ones, spy drones or subversive cat memes make little sense to anyone else, but the combination of alertness and paranoia make him an excellent scout.
Portrait specialist 09.png Stella Scientist Post-apocalyptic wastelands have been hard on her, driving this once optimistic beacon of joy into her breaking point. Her surgery experience is invaluable, though, and in saving lives she sometimes finds a spark of the ol' gal bubble under the surface.
Portrait specialist 10.png Mike Scientist Everybody loves him. Seemingly impervious to the catastrophes around him, he is able to retain his calm demeanor and infectious belly laugh at all times. But where he got his medical training, nobody knows, and he sidesteps the topic every time when asked.
Portrait specialist 11.png Linnaeus Scientist He is a polariezing figure. While impossible to work with by those who he deems "less worthy", he no doubt possesses a brilliant scientific mind. A mind he too often uses to get into arguments over anything from flora classification to iodine intake rates.
Portrait specialist 12.png Vegas Scavenger She sees endless opportunity amidst the crumbling cities; countless treasures waiting to be given a new home. For her adventure is wrapping copper wire into a ball or cracking open an old tv. You may think she's just trading old junk, but for her there is a memory in each of them.
Portrait specialist 13.png Dafina Scout With no venues around anymore, he decided to simply take the stage with him. When doing business, he keeps humming and singing with a rocking melody. As such entertainment is rare, it keeps bringing people back as if mesmerized by him.
Portrait specialist 14.png Dame Fighter Poverty, war, sickness, loss, she witnessed and fought through it all. Decades of hardships have ground her into a tough and fearless woman. She sees death as nothing more than an old friend, one who knows better than to try and lay a hand on her.
Portrait specialist 15.png Gorky Fighter Having spent his entire life amidst a large family, he simply can't bear to live alone. He will cling onto people, willing to shed his blood and risk his life for them. When standing between his family and their enemy, he is an absolutely terrifying sight.
Portrait specialist 16.png Nadia Scavenger While most scavengers look for fortune in urban areas, she feels more at home in the forests. She finds peace in them, and can disappear amongst the green without a trace. She’s also skilled in reading the landscape, able to find things that most would consider already lost.
Portrait specialist 17.png Ibis Scavenger She knows all too well just how cruel the world can be. Countless scars and broken bones have made her more wary than most, and she hardly ever takes off her armour. Thanks to her anticipatory nature, there’s hardly any ruin too dangerous for her to scavenge.
Portrait specialist 18.png Jin Scout Her first daughter was born just after the apocalypse, and her sons during the years after. This has not hindered her in the slightest though. If anything, she’s even more confident in risking her life, not afraid to approach danger if needed. ”What else would I do this for, if not for them?”, she would say.
Portrait specialist 19.png Rico Scout The apocalypse cut his dream of a lifelong career in the military, short. Unlike most, he still believes in rebuilding the society as it were and serving a country which might not exist anymore. While his military experience makes him an excellent scout, some are worried he’s still living in denial.
Portrait specialist 20.png Cait Scientist Having just graduated from medical school, her first job was a 34-hour shift in the ruins of her old home. It wasn’t easy, and she often wonders if she would’ve gotten through it without her girlfriend’s help. She’s still acting as her assistant, and the two work seamlessly together.
Portrait specialist 21.png Aramis Scout He feels guilty about working safely with patients while his wife is away scavenging. Still, the joy of seeing her return almost makes up for the sorrow of seeing her leave. It would be easier if their children were still with him, but in the end it’s better that they’re somewhere safe.
Portrait specialist 22.png Lovelace Scientist Few people are as hardy as her. Nothing seems to faze her; not hunger, illness or even catastrophes. They’re all just minor inconveniences, pests rude enough to mess with her schedule. This helps her endure through even the most frustratingly complex research and the crude instruments at hand.
Portrait specialist 23.png Turbine Scientist He seems to have embraced the idea of science as experimentation. Give him any problem and by the next day he’ll return with a dozen solutions of varying coherence and safety standards. Though his experiments produce more failures than mosts’, the results are much more creative.
Portrait specialist 24.png Salt Scavenger As soon as the event was over, he knew his old life was gone. Terms like "stock", "quarterly earnings" and "performance review" had become meaningless and people like him were the first to be plundered. Yet he decided to keep doing what he knew best; trade, more out of spite than anything else.
Portrait specialist 25.png Raj Scavenger He is a perfectionist, often to the point of frustration. He calls it wisdom brought by age, while some counter he’s just become paranoid in his later years. It does come handy though; if he says to have emptied a place, you can be sure it's been cleaned out on every nook and cranny.
Portrait specialist 26.png Mingati Scout Before the apocalypse, he was on track to become a professional runner. Now he can’t help but to feel bitter, like he and the rest of humanity had been robbed of their future. It’s only when running, with his heart drumming against his chest, that he feels some relief.

Portrait specialist 27.png Hakim Scientist He spent most of his life as an overqualified village doctor, tending to common illnesses and injuries. When the apocalypse came, he couldn’t turn away from the suffering, and ended up leaving for a larger city nearby. But after that there was another place needing his help, and another, and another...
Portrait specialist 28.png Scrappa Fighter He seems to always be functioning just below his breaking point. Such recklessness would be a death wish, if his mind wasn’t just as overcharged as his body. So far fighting has been the only way for him to let off steam and avoid becoming a jittery mess.

Portrait specialist 29.png Prowler Fighter In her tumultuous childhood, she found stability in the art of fighting. She gained not just confidence from being able to defend herself, but the knowledge of when to use that power and when to walk away. Most importantly, people finally began to show her a measure of respect.
Portrait specialist 30.png Nomad Scavenger He never managed to settle into the new world order. He keeps on travelling around, picking up jobs where ever he can, but never truly settling in. Having seen so much, he's is able to pick the quickest routes and most valuable targets almost instinctively.
Portrait specialist 31.png Entwurf Scientist He is a curious mix between a passionate, forward-thinking scientist and an absolute goofball. In his mind though, these are both means to bring joy and happiness back into the world. He claims to have paid his way through college as a circus clown, and nobody’s sure if that’s another joke or not.
Portrait specialist 32.png Sobek Scout Even after years of academia, he managed to put his economic knowledge back into practice. More surprisingly, he hasn't been saddened by seeing his entire field of study go up in flames. Instead he feels excited by the opportunity to start fresh, unburdened by the old systems.
Portrait specialist 33.png Zhang Scavenger Freed from the prejudices of the old world, he now enjoys the kind of respect which he always dreamed of. In this world, merit carries infinitely more weight than any other factor. He's acutely aware of his self-worth as trader and negotiator, and isn’t willing to budge on any type of deal.
Portrait specialist 34.png Porter Scientist His husband contracted radiation sickness not long after the first nuclear fallout hit their city. He survived, but the event had a radical effect on both of them. Now they want to protect others from going through the same, and with his scientific expertise, they could very well save countless of lives.
Portrait specialist 35.png Panda Fighter Always the largest guy in the room, he has drawn unwanted attention his entire life. Even after finding out how big an advantage his size could be he still felt uncomfortable with it. He doesn’t fight because he wants to, but because he has to.
Portrait specialist 36.png Dragon Scout She mourns the culture that was lost during the event. She will hoard everything from books to paintings, trying to protect at least some of that legacy. Her knowledge of the arts and especially architecture, is useful in identifying collapsed buildings and what they might contain.
Portrait specialist 37.png Amara Scientist The reality of a post-apocalyptic world hit her hard. As a former chief physician, she hadn’t done practical work for years, instead having been stuck shuffling papers. Nevertheless, she decided to rise up to the challenge even if things would get far messier than what she was used to.
Portrait specialist 38.png Leena Scientist An esteemed geneticist, she has found great solace in her field. After all, people are still here, and though their civilisation had crumbled, they still carried their essence with them. Perhaps things haven't changed as much as everyone thought.
Portrait specialist 39.png Sable Scavenger She found her small and nimble frame advantageous in scavenging hazardous buildings. On the other hand, people will try to take an advantage of her size by walking over her. But thanks to her keen eyes, those efforts will quickly be responded with a fiery rebuttal.
Portrait specialist 40.png Absolom Scout Even the other scouts hold him in high regard. He can survive with only a few hours of sleep every night and never needs to slow his pace during the day. What’s even more bewildering is that he seems to relish these endless and dangerous hikes through the merciless wasteland terrain.
Portrait specialist 41.png Makawee Scout She believes that words can heal just as well as stitches and medicine. "A burdened mind is like a noose around your neck", she would tell you. She herself won’t leave a single thing unsaid, however hurtful they may be, and encourages others to act the same way towards her.
Portrait specialist 42.png Satoshi Scientist He pushes himself much harder than many, staying awake for hours when others have gone to sleep. He’s aware there are only a few scientists left, and even fewer still able to practice their profession. During the early morning hours the urge to hang down his lab coat is great, but if he won’t finish the work… who will?
Portrait specialist 43.png Lancaster Scavenger Having lived alone for decades, he doesn't work well with other people. Thanks to his previous self-sufficiency, he's used to taking apart almost anything, provided that he can work in peace. This boneheadedness has given him a fair share of injuries and scars, which he carries with pride.
Portrait specialist 44.png Garrote Fighter Nobody knows her real name or why she hides her face. The easy answer would be that it's all simply for the thrill of acting as a masked vigilante. If so, it's not like anyone could blame her for enjoying beating up bandits and other villainous scum.
Portrait specialist 45.png Hex Scientist She has always been very, very comfortable with death. She finds peace in its inevitability and tranquility, which surprisingly has made her a better medic than most. It's easier to focus on the living when you don't feel the need to still hang onto the dead.
Portrait specialist 46.png Sigyn Scout She believes that there was something divine behind the event, a reason why humanity had to be struck down and made humble again. This belief of some greater presence gives her courage when she's traveling through the wilderness with nothing but darkness around her.
Portrait specialist 47.png Nahla Scout Her senses were honed by pure necessity. As she guided her family through the newly formed wastelands, her motherly instincts drew her to look out for every possible threat and safe haven. Even now she will gladly wander out there knowing her family is kept safe.
Portrait specialist 48.png Brok Fighter He was already tough to the bone before the apocalypse - nobody climbs to the top of a gang by being soft. You can see that from the way he fights; without mercy or hesitation. But a long, nasty scar across his back explains why he decided to leave the gang life behind.
Portrait specialist 49.png Wallaby Scavenger He was already a wanderer long time before everyone else. He's used to getting by with whatever he could find, whether it meant building shelter, gathering tools or collecting valuables. This makes him an excellent scavenger, though working with others still makes him feel a bit uncomfortable.
Portrait specialist 50.png Cub Scout She used to travel around the world finding, buying and trading valuable artifacts for museums and private collectors. Nowadays she deals with different kinds of treasures all together. The same principles apply though, and a few exciting stories from the days past can do wonders to seal a deal.
Portrait specialist 51.png Vert Scout He has always had a natural calmness and an ability to trust things will eventually work out. He's able to keep his head clear even during the most stressful situations. If the scenery looks unfamiliar and he's not quite sure where to head towards, he knows there's no need to panic.
Portrait specialist 52.png Roberts Scavenger He has a brilliantly analytical and practical mind, which he never ended up finding a proper avenue for. After being driven to scavenging out of pure necessity, he found his brain to be quite useful in it. Being able to scan through junk effectively can make all the difference.
Portrait specialist 53.png Daerius Scientist One might think he hasn't even realized that the apocalypse happened. The mild-mannered man doesn't seem to have much interest in anything outside his work, which he pursues diligently. Give him a lab that's half-way decent and he'll be happy.
Portrait specialist 54.png Bishop Scientist He is a former combat medic who left the warzone behind, but couldn't escape it. Emergency operations in a tent turned into running an underground clinic for the poor and homeless. This has given him the skills to treat others in less-than-ideal conditions with improvised tools and supplies.
Portrait specialist 55.png Erykah Scientist She has experienced drastic changes both in her personal and professional life. As a biologist, she has always been fascinated with butterflies and their complete transformation from one form into another. Perhaps humanity could achieve something similar as well?
Portrait specialist 56.png Mishka Leader There's a softness to him which few other medics have held onto. The desire to help, comfort and heal is always with him in whatever he does. Patients who curse and fight back are the ones who get the biggest, warmest smile from him.
Portrait specialist 57.png Domino Scavenger She dreamt of being a singer, touring bars and venues for years, but never got her big break. Afterwards, her intelligence and compassion drove her to practise medicine. But she never stopped singing, not even while doing surgeries.
Portrait specialist 58.png Rocketman Scientist His world collapsed in size along with the society around him: He used to reach towards the stars, inching himself just a little bit closer. Now his days are filled with just trying to find ways to survive in a world barely stretching outside the borders of the colony.
Portrait specialist 59.png Ivy Scientist With numerous extreme conditions threatening plants and crops, botanists like her are invaluable for humanity's survival. Outside of her work, she holds a notable passion for jokes and has a bad habit of waking up others in the middle of the night with her roaring laughter.
Portrait specialist 60.png Polo Scout He grew up reading about the days the world was still uncharted with new lands waiting beyond the horizon. That attitude stuck, and even today he'll get excited just by finding something he hasn't seen before and he has a knack for spotting something truly unique.
Portrait specialist 61.png Danube Fighter You won't get many opportunities for small talk with her. The straight-to-the-point attitude might scare away some, but it makes trading a lot simpler. Whatever you offer, you won't have to worry about hurting her feelings, just remember that she doesn't care much about yours either.
Portrait specialist 62.png Tudor Scavenger You won't get many opportunities for small talk with her. The straight-to-the-point attitude might scare away some, but it makes trading a lot simpler. Whatever you offer, you won't have to worry about hurting her feelings, just remember that she doesn't care much about yours either.
Portrait specialist 63.png Makeda Fighter She not only has the brawn, but the brain for combat. As a former special forces squad leader she knows terrifyingly well what it takes to neutralize her targets. That said, her true strength lies in how she manages to inspire others to fight alongside her.
Portrait specialist 64.png Karambit Fighter She was a local MMA champion who defended her title nine times. She still carries that champion attitude with her, but has learned the fight is a whole lot different outside the ring. For one thing, now she gets to fight dirty.
Portrait specialist 65.png Inuk Scavenger Though she doesn't talk much, her results speak for themselves. She will leave without a word and return with a bag full of scraps, only to depart again soon afterwards. Someone once asked if she'd like to stay a while longer, she shook her head and said: "This isn't my home. It's out there."
Portrait specialist 66.png Zari Scavenger She has been put down all her life by people around her; parents, teachers, partners...but never by herself. She won't accept anything less than personal best, no matter how much dirt she has to go through. To not give up is to prove them wrong.
Portrait specialist 67.png Orca Scout There's one big thing that sets her apart from the rest of the scouts: water. While the others see rivers and lakes as obstructions, for Orca they are an advantage. Whether she has a boat with her or has to build one, finding a waterway means that she’ll get to her destination significantly faster.
Portrait specialist 68.png Boone Scout He is a trailblazer who knows how to get around in thick forests and uncharted trails. Surviving through long scouting missions is not a problem, as he'll gladly hunt for food when needed. He sticks around other people if he has to, but you won't be able to hold his interest for long.
Portrait specialist 72.png Kensai Fighter This largely silent warrior has an aura of nobility about her. Two incredibly sharp swords hang from her belt and numerous old scars bear witness to battles won and lost. But never, ever try to touch her prized possessions, lest you want to add your thumb to the trail of cleanly severed fingers.
Portrait specialist 73.png Balor Fighter Wide as a truck and about as heavy, he is still a big lad despite his advancing age. Challenging this old and bearded brawler seems outright suicidal, but it hasn't stopped many from trying. Fighting has gained him respect and cost him an eye, but his opponents have lost a fair bit more.
Portrait specialist 74.png Mugga Scavenger He is what you'd call a character. This jolly old robber doesn't hide his criminal past, and he rather takes pleasure recounting old tales of botched bank robberies and high-stakes getaways to anyone willing to listen. He may have mended his ways since but still sleeps with one eye open with a nasty-looking shiv under the pillow.
Portrait specialist 75.png Packrat Scavenger Need an old digital alarm clock or a wooden train whistle? Or maybe a couple of neon-green sneakers and a bag of powdered milk? She has it all. There's no storage this perpetually merry specialist can't fill up with random junk. This makes her an invaluable scavenger and a horrible roommate.
Portrait specialist 76.png Druid Scout It's hard to tell where he stops and shrubbery begins. His loose dreadlocks and bushy beard are a tangled mess of hair, twigs and leaves. You're pretty sure you saw a squirrel's nest in there too. Traversing the wasteland quickly and efficiently is a non-issue for him, and it’s definitely preferable to paved roads.
Portrait specialist 77.png Magpie Scout She's always been keen on classic, minimalistic styles combined with shiny things. This seems to go completely opposite to her almost child-like and ever curious demeanor. She's always pushing forward like a puppy, desperately wanting to see what's behind the next corner or hilltop.
Portrait specialist 78.png Mr. Bark Scientist He acts like a time-traveller from the 17th century, using outdated words few understand. A failed lab experiment left most of his face riddled with a condition resembling tree bark. Behind the aristocratic and cold demeanor is a sharp scientific intellect ready to crack open the mysteries of the universe.
Portrait specialist 79.png Marshal Leader If a law book were to have a child with a marine training manual, he would be that child. Always efficient and to the point, he has gained much praise for strong leadership skills and impartial rule. Though the weak may get trampled on the road to perfection, those managing to keep up can truly soar thanks to him.
Portrait specialist 80.png Donna Leader You wouldn't expect such a good eye and delicate touch to people management from a gruff-looking person like her. At times, she's silent and even grumpy, preferring to be left alone. But when push comes to shove, she turns into an entirely different person, solving interpersonal, logistical and management issues like no other.
Portrait specialist 69 platypus.png Platy Scavenger A great Nordic adventurer who claims to have been the Empress of Sweden before the apocalypse. She is an enthusiastic city designer who would not mind taking her troops into great wars. She also claims to have been part of a wizarding cult and to have helped aliens dominate the galaxy. A very talented person indeed. Exclusive specialist.