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Surviving the Aftermath

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Release date / Patch
2021-11-16 / 1.21

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Surviving the Aftermath.png Surviving The Aftermath is a strategy game developed by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. The game follows the concept of the previous game (Surviving Mars) in the Surviving series this time set in a post-apocalyptic world. It was initially released in early access on 2019-08-06 and is to be out of early access on 2021-11-16[1].

Game features[edit | edit source]

Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future — resources are scarce but opportunity calls. Build the ultimate disaster proof colony, protect your colonists, and restore civilization to a devastated world. Go beyond the colony and explore the wastelands to gather resources, meet rival colonies, and fight off bandits.

And remember: The end of the world is just the beginning.

  • No Place Like Home - Build and manage a colony of survivors after a world-ending event. Construct more than 61 unique buildings to handle everything from resource collection and farming to exploration and security.
  • Surviving Earth - Explore a vast procedurally generated world featuring six different biomes filled with resources, wildlife, rival societies and more. Each environment has different conditions that affect your colony’s survival. Stay vigilant: Natural disasters, dangerous animals, and bandits will put your survivors to the test.
  • Survival Is My Specialty - Recruit over 80 unique Specialists, each with their own skills and motivations, to manage your colony’s resources and production. Send them beyond the Gate on scientific missions, scavenger runs, and to fight bandits.
  • Expect the Unexpected - Life in the aftermath requires you to make moral choices. You may not be able to control everything in your colony, but how you respond to situations and emergent events will shape the character of your new civilization.
  • Reputation Management - Every decision can have dire consequences on your colony’s survival. Your reputation with other societies will affect your ability to trade and can even affect your relationship with their leaders. Colonists have a mind of their own and will react to your choices.
  • Defend the Gate - Fortify your gates and protect your colony from rampaging animals and deadly bandits. Enemies who breach the gate will pour into your colony, wreaking havoc on everything in their wake. Take command of your specialists and drive the invaders back.
  • Mods - Surviving the Aftermath players can bring their own visions to life using Paradox Mods.

Why early access?[edit | edit source]

“We want to get the community involved in Surviving the Aftermath’s development and Early Access is the perfect opportunity to make that happen. Our fans are passionate players and a driving force behind the success of our games after the launch. Your feedback has helped elevate our games to new heights, and this time around, we want to get you involved as early as possible to ensure we get things right from the beginning.”

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Surviving the Aftermath: 1.0 Release trailer. Surviving the Aftermath launches alongside the Endgame content update, allowing players to uncover the secrets behind the world-ending event and prepare to survive another apocalypse. Restore civilization to the end of the world as you build your colony. Explore, trade, develop, and expand into a new world full of risk to reap the rewards.
Surviving the Aftermath: Release date announcement. The end of the world is upon us! Surviving the Aftermath to leave early access.
Surviving the Aftermath: Steam early access trailer. Scout a hostile land, build your colony, explore what lies outside your gate... The end of the World is just the beginning!
Surviving the Aftermath: New gameplay trailer. Come and see all the new gameplay features 7 updates into development in early access.
Surviving the Aftermath is the new survival colony builder published by Paradox Interactive and developed by Iceflake Studios.

Video diaries[edit | edit source]

Surviving the Aftermath: Road to 1.0. As Surviving the Aftermath gets ready for its 1.0 launch, We wanted to reflect on our time working with the community on these past 20 updates to create the game we have now.
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 12 – Nuclear Winter. The update introduces new Winter Catastrophe with its frosty challenges, 13 unique quests, and adds many Specialists and UI improvements!
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 11 – Quests. This update introduces Quests, a new system that will drive your exploration on the World Map, which will also receive multiple improvements.
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 10 – Uncharted Lands. With this update, we refined the early game introduced with Update 9, revamped the Energy production and distribution system, improved the game visuals... and much more!
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 9 – First Settlers. Scout for the perfect Colony location in the new early game, and manage your ranches once your Colony is expanding in the later phases of the game.
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 8 – Tainted Earth. Introducing 5 new buildings, a new pollution system, and a new water management system!
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 7 – Law & Order. Introducing a brand new criminality system, and the tools to fight it. Re-establish order in your Colony with Guard Posts and Gunsmiths!
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 6 – Hostile World. Introducing colony combat, aggressive animals, colonist conditions, revised trading, a new level to your gate, and more!
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 5 – Sanctuary. Introducing disaster relief buildings (like saunas and lightning rods), Ideologies, a revised trading system, and much more!
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 4 – Great Minds. Meet other Society leaders, discover our improved tech tree and enjoy the improved graphics!
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 3 – Expeditions. Vehicles and improved Trading on top of several quality of life changes requested by our community.
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 2 – Outposts. Introducing Societies, Trading, Outposts, and a graphically revamped world map.
Surviving the Aftermath: Update 1 – The Colony. New Buildings, Quality of life improvements, More devastating catastrophes... and more!

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

A Player's Guide: Colony Management. Paradox Interactive's survival colony builder game, Surviving the Aftermath, is finally releasing out of early access for version 1.0! A lot has changed, so PartyElite is here to give us a guide on how to manage your colony.
A Player's Guide: Specialists. Specialists are key members of your colony that are able to explore the world around you. PartyElite shows off all the actions and benefits that come from specialists. Be sure to pick the right ones for your colonies needs!
A Player's Guide: The World Map. The World Map offers quests, bandits, resources, opportunities, and threats! Use Specialists to explore the world around your colony and try to survive all the hazards of this post-apocalyptic world. PartyElite gives a basic overview of all the things to watch out for!
A Player's Guide: Quests. Life in the Aftermath is full of unique stories just waiting to be discovered. PartyElite takeS a closer look at quests which offer you a chance to send your specialists on interesting and sometimes dangerous paths. Your choices will decide if they turn out to be worthwhile adventures.
A Player's Guide: Endgame. The End is really here! PartyElite shows what ultimate challenges are waiting for you in the Aftermath. We're taking a look at some new features coming in 1.0 as well!

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the base game during its early access period.

No. Title and Link Description Date
22 The End Game (1.0) Uncover some of the mysteries behind the apocalypse and how the world ended the way you see it now 2021-11-15
22 Surviving the Aftermath Expansion Pass Future planned content updates for Surviving the Aftermath 2021-11-03
21 Update 1.0 is coming The long-awaited Update 1.0 to mark the end of the early access period 2021-10-27
20 Update 17 - Prosperity (Platinum update) The biggest update yet to StA includes changes/reworking for: the production chains, resource requirements, gameplay progression, the tech tree, rewritten events and quests, implemented a new happiness system, and added new buildings to push the game towards our original vision. 2021-08-30
19 Update 16 - Control (Gold update) Improving the existing featuressuch as more accurate information in building info panels, world map bandit combat, combat balance changes in the colony and a new, more proactive way of acquiring specialists. 2021-06-17
18 Update 15 - Trailblazers (Silver update) Adding depth to the world map by expanding on outposts and bandit combat. Other improvements involve new building-based colony exploration, prefabricated buildings for game start and a number of quality-of-life improvements from research queue to carrier limits and more. 2021-05-20
17 Update 14 - Remnants (Bronze update) Overhauling core features like colony terrain and deposit generation, new outpost system, Steam Workshop support, as well as many AI and quality-of-life improvements. 2021-04-22
16 Introducing New Roadmap 4 new updates coming to Surviving the Aftermath as part of polishing in early access 2021-04-19
15 Development Update Surviving Games at Paradox Insider and an Update on Surviving the Aftermath 2021-03-12
14 Enhancement Patch #3 A series of improvements that go to the very foundation of the game by changing how the game flows and is balanced 2021-01-28
13 Update 12 - Nuclear Winter The coming of Winter in its stormy and unrelenting form, challenging the colony to survive through its long duration. 2020-12-03
12 Update 11 - Quests Adding quests, giving some love to the World Map, initial steps towards a more streamlined exploration, a more robust overlay system, improved tech tree visuals and more. 2020-10-22
11 Update 10 - Uncharted Lands More additions to the first moment of each playthrough, a new energy production method, vastly improved terrain visuals, colonist aging, and much more! 2020-09-17
10 Update 9 - First Settlers New game start options and ranching. 2020-08-13
9 Update 8 - Tainted Earth A whole new layer to dealing with pollution and water with improvements to almost every facet of the game to make post-apocalyptic survival more interesting and challenging. 2020-06-18
8 A letter from Iceflake studios Delay in version 1.0 due to the global pandemic affecting development process (move to working from home). 2020-05-14
7 Update 7 - Law & Order A brand new criminality system. A malnutrition system adding a new layer to how you plan food production for your colonists, as they now need a varied and balanced diet. 2020-05-07
6 Update 6 - Hostile World Introducing colony combat, aggressive animals, colonist conditions, revised trading, a new level to your gate, and more! 2020-04-09
5 Update 5 - Sanctuary Introducing disaster relief buildings (like saunas and lightning rods), Ideologies, a revised trading system, and much more! 2020-03-05
4 Update 4 - Great Minds Society and improved tech tree, as well as addressing feedback regarding vehicles and other balance changes. 2020-02-06
3 Update 3 - Expeditions Vehicles to allow faster exploration in the World Map and improved Trading. 2020-01-09
2 Update 2 - Outposts Get even more possibility to shape your colony and explore the world outside the Gate. 2019-12-05
1 Update 1 - The Colony Get more tools to manage your Colony and to continue expanding once the resources on your map are exhausted. 2019-11-14

References[edit | edit source]