Tech Tree

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One of your long-term objectives is to unlock new technologies from the five branches of the Tech Tree. In the aftermath, much of mankind’s knowledge was either lost or outright destroyed. Fragments can still be recovered from various locations on the World Map to aid the colony. The research locations can be searched for Science Points which, unlike other resources, are immediately available for the colony. And the bigger your Specialists' Research skill is, the faster they can extract all the usable knowledge a particular location has to offer.

Science Points can be spent in the Tech Tree, which is divided into five parts:

  • Food offers both improvements to production speeds and completely new forms of cultivation and animal breeding.
  • Production increases production capabilities and unlocks new structures.
  • Colony adds to your housing and general colonist potential.
  • Security adds more options to keep your people safe and sound.
  • Exploration improves your efficiency and possibilities on the World Map.

The further down the tree a particular advancement is, the more it costs, so always keep an eye on Museums, old Radar Stations and Observatories while exploring the map. Science is what takes your colony to the next level from just surviving into getting back what was lost.