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Vehicles make traveling on the World Map more efficient. Vehicles usually have more Action points (AP) and can carry multiple Specialists at once. Cars can be bought from Societies, or found abandoned on the map.

Using vehicles[edit]

Cars use Action Points like Specialists, and moving them around the Map follows the same rules. Their advantage is in carrying several Specialists across great distances quickly, but Specialists must exit the vehicle to perform actions. To exit, click or press A repeatedly over the vehicle to toggle between selections. Once the desired Specialist is active, order them to move away from the Car.

When a Specialist enters the vehicle, they transfer all their resources to the car. So, if your Specialist is killed in combat against Bandits, the resources are safe. The Car and the resources can be then be retrieved later by someone else.

List of cars[edit]

There are several different Car types in the game that have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Name Description Moves Seats Durability
Vehicle sedan.png Sedan All-around good car with several passenger seats. 10 3 Medium
Vehicle hatchback.png Hatchback Speedy little car with limited passenger seats. 12 2 Low
Vehicle stationwagon.png Station Wagon Clunky but reliable with several passenger seats. 8 4 Medium
Vehicle army wagon.png Off-roader Rugged and reliable, able to traverse any terrain. 10 4 High
Vehicle van.png Van Your standard do-it-all transport vehicle. 10 2 Medium

Repairing vehicles[edit]

A Garage needs Fuel to work.

All Cars are initially broken and must be brought back to the Colony for repairs. Broken Cars move at half their maximum speed. They will also wear down slowly while moving, prompting further maintenance. They need to be repaired back at the Colony inside Garages. Note that broken cars cannot be sent back to the World Map.

Broken cars enter a Garage automatically upon arrival. You can select which vehicle to repair by using the Garage's info panel. Garages require Specialists to do the repairs with the necessary amount of Fuel.

Fuel is used to repair and keep your vehicles running. It can be found on the World Map, traded from certain Societies, or manufactured at the Colony. To produce Fuel you need to have Sunflower seeds grown in the Fields. Sunflowers turn into Oil that can be refined into Fuel in a Refinery.

When a Car is fully repaired, create a Team from the Garage menu. This will send the Car with its Specialists to the World Map. The Car appears on the World Map once it is repaired, and the responsible Specialist is automatically assigned as its designated driver.