Bore Well

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Water Bore Well
Bore Well
Contruction cost:
  • Component 15 Component
  • Concrete 85 Concrete
  • Metal 85 Metal
  • Parts 20 Parts
Footprint (tiles): 3 x 5
Maintenance: Metal Metal
Consumption: Energy.png 12
Production: Water.png 25

Description[edit | edit source]

Bore wells dig deep into the earth providing a stable source for water. They are not limited by soil restrictions and can be placed on any soil.

Looking suspiciously similar to an old oil drill (specifically a pumpjack), the bore well uses a reciprocating piston pump to mechanically drive up and extract groundwater from underground deposits located at much greater depths. In contrast to a water well, bore wells are not restricted to only fertile soil and can be built anywhere.

Technology[edit | edit source]