Bunker Busting

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One of Seventeen quests in the base game

A Scavenger or Scientist specialists is required for unique rewards.


An older colonist approaches with a story to tell. Her now deceased father used to work as a quartermaster in the military before the bombs fell, stocking up emergency bunkers not too far from here. Che even got to visit one and might still be able to point out its location. The bunker is most likely stripper empty by now-but if not, it could hold valuable resources and information.

Possible Rewards[edit]

Science points | Resource currency.png


The site looks very similar to one described by the colonist, but it's been thoroughly burned and pillaged. There is, however, a soot-covered Government Nuclear Safety Bunkers pamphlet on the floor with more bunker locations, all but one marked with an X.

  1. Continue to the unmarked site
  2. Abandon Quest

The specialist arrives at the bunker deep in the woods. The front door has been busted open, suggesting someone's already been here. Going further in, your specialist comes across a small control room next to a second, vault-like door covered in dents and scorch marks.

  1. Loot the control room
    • The specialist rummages through the various desks and file cabinets in the room, there's not much left, but a thick folder of scientific materials found in one of the cabinets should provide some useful insight.
      • +800 Science points Science points
  2. Look for hidden compartments. Scavenger
    • The Keen-eyed scavenger goes through the room and finds a hidden switch under the table. Upon tapping it, an audible clank is heard as the vault locking bolt slides aside. Upon entering the vault, your specialist realizes its contents have been largely used up. They gather some silver coins, scientific notes and a small metal quartermaster's pin to bring to the colony.
      • +1000 Science points Science points | +300 Resource currency.png Silver
  3. Bypass the vault door. Scientist
    • The scientist discovers a small, dust-covered keypad next to the vault doors. The combination has bas long long to time, but after some tinkering, the specialist manages to connect the inner wiring and open the vault. The contents have unfortunately been mostly spend, but there are some silver coins, scientific nots and a small metal quartermaster's pin to return to the colony.
      • +1000 Science points Science points | +300 Resource currency.png Silver
  4. Return later.