Burning Skies

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One of Seventeen quests in the base game

No unique specialist is required.


It's a well-known tragedy that, in the aftermath, commercial airlines turned into flying coffins as electro-magnetic pulses and magnetic storms fried their in-flight computers. It's still possible to find plane wrecks turned gravesites for their unfortunate passengers. Survivors find these all the time, and asking around for their whereabouts would surely provide you with some coordinates.


The specialist arrives at the crash site. It's an older model airliner with its fuselage snapped clean in half. Both wings are mangled and partly overgrown with vegetation next to a large crater. Skeletal remains can be seen from the underbrush. It's possible to grab quite a lot of stuff if you don't care about trampling over the deceased.

  1. The dead don't care
    • The Specialist stars digging through the site with reckless abandon, bagging everything they find. These people are long dead, and they shouldn't care. The haul is considerable and will help the ones still living.
  2. Show respect
    • Showing restraint and great care, the specialist goes through the plane fuselage. It's grim and silent duty, knowing that so many lost their lives on this very spot. The haul is nice, though, and will help the colonists back home.
  3. Abandon Quest.
    •  ?