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Colonial Climate

One of Seventeen quests in the base game

No unique specialist is required for unique rewards.



It's a well-known tragedy that, in the aftermath, commercial airlines turned into flying coffins as electro-magnetic pulses and magnetic storms fried their in-flight computers. It's still possible to find plane wrecks turned gravesites for their unfortunate passengers. Survivors find these all the time, and asking around for their whereabouts would surely provide you with some coordinates.


First LocationEdit

The Specialist arrives at the first described locations. Post-apocalyptical meteorology is definitely bit an exact science, but your colonist is way off the mark here. The village down in the valley is positively glowing with a sickly green hue. If you had a Geiger counter with you, its rattling noise would be deafening, Let's hope the two other destinations are worth the trip

  1. Move on
  2. Abandon Quest
Second LocationEdit

This spot looks a fair bit better than the previous. The flora growing in the blacken coil is barely able to sustain itself, but the village should be safe to check out as long as you don't overstay your welcome. You arrive at the center of the town and notice three different storehouse built along the barren dirt roads. its' probably safe to loot one of them before the radiation becomes too much to bear.

  1. Check the Food Storage.
    •   Jerky | +22   Canned Fruit
  2. Loot the stockpile.
    • +15   Parts | +45   Fuel
  3. Visit the Warehouse.
    • +11   Sturdy Clothing | +14   Components
  4. Abandon Quest
Final LocationEdit

The last leg of your journey has brought you at a rather modest chanty town long since abandoned due to the green mist oozing from the bottom of the river. The fog is think and erratic, shifting along with the wind. An unfinished administration building between dilapidated shelters catches your eye. Its pompous facade is definitely overkill for this find of modest settlement, but these might be something valuable still inside.

  1. Approach the building.
    • The shifting green mist isn't your only obstacle. Rainwater, soil and an unknown oily substance have formed into pools of green goo, but you manage to avviod contact and enter the admin buildings. The main hall has turned into a small lake of bubbling ooze with a precarious "island" of furniture and resourse boxes sitting in the middle. On top, you notice two human skeletons gripping what looks like a crown. you should be able to pull out a box or two before the entire thing falls into the goo.
      1. Take the meds and food
        • +25   Iodine Pills | +15   Antibiotics | +45 Candy
      2. Take the parts and silver
        • +20   Parts | +20   Components | +300   Silver
  2. Abandon Quest