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Specialists and guards play a vital role in protecting colonists against intruders. Specialists can be ordered to attack enemies by first selecting them and then pointing at the target.

The level of any beings' aggressiveness can be checked with the "Living beings" overlay.

Defending the colony[edit | edit source]

Colonists can be put on guard duty by building guard posts or by assigning them to the gate. Colonists and specialists wage better against enemies if they are armed properly. This can be done by acquiring or manufacturing quality weapons in a gunsmith.

You might also have to reconsider letting just anybody in, as survivor groups might include some hostile imposters. The anguished condition can also cause colonists to turn hostile if they are left untreated.

Bandits at the colony[edit | edit source]

Gate combat[edit | edit source]

Bandits can appear at the Gate once it is built.

Bandits and other hostile groups will occasionally try to attack your colony. These groups might first propose a deal which may buy you some time, and wise actions can de-escalate the situation entirely. Evading combat almost always requires resources, so keeping a varied stock of them can come in handy.

Combat is in some cases inevitable and then only the gate can defend the colony. An upgraded gate will keep the bandits busy for longer and, with enough colonists on defense duty, might even keep them from breaching it.

Colony combat[edit | edit source]

If the gate is breached, combat will move to its final phase inside the colony's walls. While inside the colony, bandits will try to harm as many buildings and colonists as they can while looting your unprotected resources. Specialists and guards will both fight to fend off the attackers, but some casualties can be expected.

Wild animals[edit | edit source]

Many animal species roam near the colony.

There are various species roaming near the colony. These animals vary in strength and you should always take caution when setting buildings or ordering colonists to collect resources near their territory. When hunted down, wild animal carcasses offer food to be collected.

Name Level of aggressiveness Strength Description
Animal deer.png Majestic Deer Neutral Medium A non-aggressive species that will nonetheless protect itself if provoked.
Animal rat.png Fierce Mouse Neutral Very weak Normally gentle by nature, the mice can coexists with humans but will defend their territory ferociously if aggravated.
Animal beetle.png Rat Beetle Aggressive Weak These creatures may look innocent, but hordes of them can quickly surprise an unwary colonist. They are especially easy to spot in the night as their eyes glow red in the dark.
Animal hog.png Wild Boar Aggressive Strong These hogs have spikes on their back and an overall fearsome look. They are not to be taken lightly.
Animal bear.png Bear Aggressive Strong Far from your average teddy, these beasts mean business. Even a Specialist with combat expertise will have a hard time taking one down.
Animal worm.png Sandworm Aggressive Very strong Sandworms are the most fearsome animal on the scale, having the ability to hide underground and take colonists and Specialists by surprise.

Hordes[edit | edit source]

Animals can sometimes storm the colony, even when unprovoked. This can happen at the result of an event or an unpredicted Catastrophe.png disaster.

Combat on the World Map[edit | edit source]

See Bandits for more information.