Surviving the Aftermath Wiki

Keyboard controls are adjustable from the Settings' Key Bindings -section. Commands listed here are the default values.


Mouse Key Controller Action
  Right Mouse Button WASD   Left Stick Move Camera
- Q   Right Stick Rotate Left
- E   Right Stick Rotate Right
  Scroll Wheel -   Right Stick Zoom in / out
- C - Center to Colony


Mouse Key Controller Action
- L   Right Stick Button Highlight Living Beings
- P - Open Pollution Map


Mouse Key Controller Button Action
- Space   D-PAD Pause / Play
- 1   D-PAD Normal speed
- 2   D-PAD High Speed
- 3   D-PAD Max Speed


Mouse Key Controller Action
- B   Left Trigger Build Menu
- R     Left Bumper, Right Bumper Rotate building
  Scroll Wheel + Left CNTRL -   Right Stick Resize Work Area

Specialists and GuardsEdit

Mouse Key Controller Action
  Left Mouse Button -   Select
  Right Mouse button -   Command to a location [Move, Scavenge, Attack, Build]
Move and hold   Right Mouse Button - Hold   + Move   Left Stick Select multiple


Mouse Key Controller Action
- H - Help Menu
- J - Radio
- U - Statistics
- G - Specialist Menu
- T - Trade Menu
- Y - Research Menu
- M   Right Trigger Change view


Mouse Key Controller Action
Left Mouse Button -   Select
- -   Back, Deselect
- -   Notification Menu
  Right Mouse Button -   Dismiss a notification
- -     Left Bumper, Right Bumper Navigate Menu tabs