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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Paradox to describe the game design in detail.

Base game

All developer diaries about the base game during its early access period.

No. Title and Link Description Date
11 Quests Adding quests, giving some love to the World Map, initial steps towards a more streamlined exploration, a more robust overlay system, improved tech tree visuals and more. 2020-10-22
10 First Settlers New game start options and ranching. 2020-08-13
9 Tainted Earth A whole new layer to dealing with pollution and water with improvements to almost every facet of the game to make post-apocalyptic survival more interesting and challenging. 2020-06-18
8 A letter from Iceflake studios Delay in version 1.0 due to the global pandemic affecting development process (move to working from home). 2020-05-14
7 Law & Order A brand new criminality system. A malnutrition system adding a new layer to how you plan food production for your colonists, as they now need a varied and balanced diet. 2020-05-07
6 Hostile World Introducing colony combat, aggressive animals, colonist conditions, revised trading, a new level to your gate, and more! 2020-04-09
5 Sanctuary Introducing disaster relief buildings (like saunas and lightning rods), Ideologies, a revised trading system, and much more! 2020-03-05
4 Great Minds Society and improved tech tree, as well as addressing feedback regarding vehicles and other balance changes. 2020-02-06
3 Expeditions Vehicles to allow faster exploration in the World Map and improved Trading. 2020-01-09
2 Outposts Get even more possibility to shape your colony and explore the world outside the Gate. 2019-12-05
1 The Colony Get more tools to manage your Colony and to continue expanding once the resources on your map are exhausted. 2019-11-14