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Surviving the Aftermath allows for random events to challenge the player by simulating events caused by the day-to-day friction.

Colony events[edit | edit source]

From time to time your colonists come ask for your permission to check out something, usually outside the Colony. You can allow them to do so, but keep in mind the potential of them getting hurt in the process. At other times the rising tension of day-to-day survival causes people to snap and a fight ensues. As the leader, it's your job to defuse these situations as you see fit.

Colony events are based on a risk for reward scenario, often times colonists will ask for resources to assist them in completing events. It is up to you to decide if you are willing to give up some resources for your colonists safety, have them endure without, or deny them the opportunity. Each event has different outcomes based on your decision, some are more favorable than others, and sometimes if you supply your colonists you may still be met with a negative outcome, but that's just how the apocalypse goes.

Gate events[edit | edit source]

Once the Gate is built, every once in a while someone or some people approach it in hopes of help, offering business opportunities or something more sinister in mind. Player must then choose how to deal with each situation according to what they feel is right or most profitable for the Colony.

Similar to Colony events, Gate events offer the player to take a risk for a reward. Some of these events require you to trust someone you have never met in hopes that they are not lying, others may impose a question and the response from the player will determine your outcome.

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Merchants arrive on their colorful vans full of resources and items to trade. As there's no currency anymore, everything is bartered. Choose carefully what you're ready to part with in order to secure those much-needed resources.

Merchants offer a variety of goods to the player, some of which are not currently obtainable anywhere else. They may offer Research, Electronics, Parts, Tools, Clothing, Fuel, Fun Boxes, and sometimes rare seeds or bug eggs. Be mindful that the rarer the item the more obscure the trade so its good practice to maintain your own variety of goods for when a trading opportunity comes.

People in need[edit | edit source]

In addition to survivor groups, you're sometimes approached by people who're desperate for help. Sometimes they'll join your colony, sometimes ask for Medicine, Food or other supplies. Helping them is sometimes paid back in kind, but handing over precious Resources means your colonists must get by with less. On the other hand leaving them be may be beneficial in your eyes, but your colonists may not agree and happiness may suffer.