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Colonist happiness[edit | edit source]

Conditions, needs and events have an affect on the colonists mental state. Happy colonists are efficient workers who can be relied upon, whereas the unhappy may fall into despair and threaten to leave permanently.

Colony happiness can be raised by:

Taking care of entertainment becomes crucial as the colony grows and gains more colonists.

Entertainment[edit | edit source]

Entertainment can be generated by entertainment buildings. This is fundamental for colonists to stay happy and productive. As the colony grows, the bonds between individuals in the community start to weaken. People can become restless and even anxious. These are needs colonists will experience when the colony has a low ratio of entertainment buildings to population.

Colonists start desiring entertainment when the colony population grows to about 45 people.

Entertainment buildings require fun boxes for construction, a resource which can be produced in special locations on the world map with outposts. A few societies offer fun boxes as a trade option, but these often demand a hefty price. Researching new ways to motivate colonists pays off, as each new kind of happiness building in the colony generates additional happiness through a variety bonus, as colonists like to indulge in multiple different leisure activities.