High-rise Lowlifes

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One of Seventeen quests in the base game

Scout or Scientist specialists are required for unique rewards.


A rumor about a local bandit lord is going around. One that's gathered quite the hoard during this time of turmoil. She and her gang have taken up residence in a nearby high-rise, fortifying the lower floors. A craft person might get though and relieve the lowlifes of some of their ill gotten gains.


This high-rise is definitely a lair for several dozen bandits, and the lower floors are barricaded and booby-trapped to thwart and intruders. But the bandits have apparently grown complacent, as their defenses have two possible entry points-One a few levels up and accessible with a rope, another by squeezing through a narrow gap.

  1. Rappel up the wall
    • Pulling oneself stealthily up the side of a building is tough, but a few silent huffs and puffs later- the specialist reaches an unguarded floor. A couple of thugs are loitering around, talking trash to each other. There's a pile of coins next to them and even more further in, but it'll be very risky to sneak that far.
      1. Grab the nearby coins
        • You decide to go for the smaller bag of Silver next to you. It's still heavy, and the risk of dropping it makes rappelling down even more nerve-wracking than the ascent. Just as the specialist is about to reach the bottom a few loose coins fall out and hit the metal sheet with a long clang. The specialist wastes no time and bolts into the woods as the bandits rush in only to find a rope and some loose change on the ground
        • +400 Resource currency.png Silver
      2. Try to steal the bigger pile Scout
        •  ?
      3. Go back and return later
  2. Squeeze in thought the gap
    • The gap looks too narrow to get through, but a few claustrophobic moments later-the specialist manages to reach the opposite end. The bandits were definitely not expecting anyone from this side, and they've left the area unguarded. There are blueprints, notebooks, and technical drawings thrown into a large pile on the floor. There's too much to fit though the gap without alerting the bandits, so choices have to be made
      1. Take whatever seems valuable
        • The pile is an unorganized mess of miscellaneous items, and it's hard to tell what's useful or not without proper expertise. The specialist stuffs their backpack full of whatever seems valuable and squeezes out the gap in the wall. Some of the stolen items seem actually useful, but others too advanced or specific to be of any use.
        • +400 Science points Science points
      2. Grab all the practical applications Scientist
        •  ?
      3. Go back and return later
  3. Come back later
  4. Abandon quests