Nuclear Beast

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One of Seventeen quests in the base game

A Scout or Fighter specialists are required for unique rewards.


An old nuclear power plant looms in the distance, its monolithic cooling towers reaching toward the once blue sky. Their prominence has made them prime targets for scavengers, but a formidable beast has made a liar in one of the plants and has kept looters at bay. Or it might just be a ruse, a rumor to dissuade unwanted visitors.

Possible Rewards


Components.png | Resource currency.png | Science points | Happiness level 0.png


The plant itself isn’t hard to find, resting ominously near a dried-up riverbed. Aside from general erosion, it’s in a fairly good shape. With no signs of other people, the specialist enters the facility. Moments later, a deep growl fills the dimly lit hall and a massive glowing wolfs comes into view. The specialist is in grave danger, but the promise of valuable resource is tempting.

  1. Grab what you can and flee.
    • The specialist makes a dash towards the nearest entrance in the lobby, grabbing whatever they can get their hands on along the way. The beast gives chase for a short while, but it stops before entering the more brightly lit area. As the danger passes, the specialist tallies up the resources. It’s not much, but every little bit helps.
      1. Small reward | - Happiness
        • Example: +19 Components.png Components | +17 Components.png Components | -10 Happiness level 0.png Happiness
  2. Attack the beast. “Fighter”
    • The fighter steps up to the challenge and roars back at the beast. It seems confused by this reaction and takes a step back toward the darkness from whence it came. The specialist readies their weapon and fires at the glowing wolf, scoring a couple of hits on its side. The wolf whimpers, darts back and flees. The plant can now be looted in relative peace, as long as no one ventures into the dark.
      1. Medium reward
        • Example: +20 Components.png Components |+20 Components.png Components |+20 Components.png Components
  3. Distract the beast. “Scout”
    • Thinking on their feet, the scout spots a large hole behind them on the floor, leading at least a few levels down. They start pelting the beast with vases, rocks and miscellaneous items to goad it to attack. The wolf takes the bait and pounces, but misses the dodging specialist and falls into the hole. It’s still very much alive and angrier than ever before, but it’ll take some time to get back up. One Hasty scavenging session later, the scout is out again with their newly found loot.
      1. Medium reward
        • Example: +20 Components.png Components |+20 Components.png Components |+20 Components.png Components