Old World Knowledge

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One of Seventeen quests in the base game

A Scientist or Scavenger specialists are required for unique rewards.


A colonist comes to you offering advise: before finding your colony, she tried to navigate using a larger landmarks as waypoints. One of these was a once magnificent building, which seemed to have deteriorated just enough to allow a resourceful individual to slip in. What's more, few dared to venture close to such places.

Possible Rewards

Components.png | Clothing.png | Science points


First Location

The old nuclear plant looms over the scenery as imposing as ever. A quick inspection reveals that one door indeed rusted enough to be pried open. Unfortunately, the worker of the facility seem to have predicted this; the hallway soon ends with an improvised, solid blockade. There is a message on a nearby wall: "Place too dangerous. Meet at museum to share our wisdom.

  1. Head to the museum
  2. Abandon Quest
Final Location

The museum has certainly seen better days. Its front has collapsed, either due to past events of some more recent scuffle. However, there is just enough of an opening for the specialist to slip inside,.. A massive brontosaurus skeleton decorates the museum's lounge-reminder of yet another bygone era. Behind it, the wall has been covered in scientific text and formulas.

  1. Copy the text.
    • The specialist pulls out a piece of paper and begins copying rthe text. Some of it doesn't erxactlyy make a lot of sense, but it will surely be useful to the colony's research efforts.
      • + 600 Science points tech points
  2. Copy the text and inspect it Scientist
    • After copying the text, the scientist realizes that the more complicated formulas have been left out. Perhaps they were deemed too valuable for common minds? Intrigued, the scientist takes a look around other parts of the museum and comes across a section dedicated to the nuclear sciences and a stack of papers hidden inside a miniature nuclear plant.
      • + 900 Science points tech points
  3. Copy the text and look around. Scavenger
    • After copying the text, the scavenger makes a quick round around the museum. There aren't really any valuables left, but a resourceful eye will always find something. The scavenger yanks the clothes off the exhibition's plastic noblemen and gathers together some electronics before heading out.
      • + 600 Science points tech points | + 12 Clothing.png Basic Clothing | +15 Components.png Components
  4. Return Later
  5. Abandon quest.