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Quests were added to the game with update 1.11

Quests spawned into your colony, similarly as events, and can be accepted/started by clicking on their purple floaters at the main camp.

Quests are chained multiphase events that take place on the world map. They can be one phase events, or span out to longer storylines with several steps happening on different parts of the world map. 17 unique quests added to the game. Quests do not have a time limit on them. Visiting with a certain type of Specialist can give you better rewards.

List of quests

Burning Skies. Start It's a well-known tragedy that, in the aftermath, commercial airlines turned into flying coffins as electro-magnetic pulses and magnetic storms fried their in-flight computers. It's still possible to find plane wrecks turned gravesites for their unfortunate passengers. Survivors find these all the time, and asking around for their whereabouts would surely provide you with some coordinates.