Radio Star

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One of Seventeen quests in the base game


  • Long-distance communications were severely hit in the aftermath. As TVs, radio stations and telephones fell silent, people became more isolated than ever. Some of the more industrious survivors have been trying to restore basic comms between societies with little luck. So when faint, crackling signals stated repeating a set of coordinates in your transceiver, everyone was rather surprised.
  1. Check the coordinates
  2. Abandon Quest


The coordinates from the radio signal lead to a small cabin in the woods with a large tent-like structure next to it. The log cabin itself seems dark and silent, but all sorts of crackles and beeps emanate from the tent. Going in, you see a man in front of a larger radio transmitter, deep in his thoughts. "OHJEEZWHOWHAT!" then man shouts white nearly falling off his chair. "Sorry, you caught me by surprise there! I'm Jerry or 'that crazy radio guy' as the locals like to call me."

  1. Ask about the signal

Asking about the signal

"Yeah, that was me. I'm basically brute-forcing my way through various frequencies, trying to find other to link up with." His plan of reforming regional communications is ambitious and noble, but it hasn't panned out just yet. "Look, I got some extra stuff stockpiled in the back. I could spare one box so you could get your own comms up and maybe help the cause, eh?"

  1. Check the back room
  2. Abandon Quest

Checking the back room

There's a bunch of neatly stacked radios, wiring and even generators in the backroom. Three boxes holding miscellaneous goods have been placed next to each other. "thanks for stopping by, friend, gives me hope that I can actually reach someone with this antique!" Jerry shouts as you grab a box and venture forth.

  1. Pick the first box
    • +12 Components.png Components | + 21 Parts.png Parts | +26 Scrap.png Junk
  2. Pick the second box
    • +25 Components.png Components | + 21 Parts.png Parts | +30 Rare Metals.png Rare Metals
  3. Pick the second box
    • +12 Components.png Components | + 12 Parts.png Parts | +14 Tools lvl2.png Durable Tools