Raider the Raiders

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One of Seventeen quests in the base game.

A Fighter or Scout specialists are required for unique choices.


From your various close encounters with bandits, you've deduced they must be running supplies not too far from here. All their spoils of war are siphoned inside large camps safe from other bandits or societies. One such convoy is now on its way to a local encampment and the resources within are surely lost if it gets there. Bandits and their makeshift trucks aren't known for their speed, so you should have time to intercept them.

  1. Intercept the convoy
  2. Abandon quest


First Location[edit]

Billowing black smoke and the roar of engines make bandit convoys easy to track. Two vehicles are now in sight, coming toward you with a handful of bandits on board. They're travelling alongside a deep ravine on a small dirt road just wide enough for them. There are boulders above the road ahead that could be pushed onto the it(sic). A forested area farther away could also provide good cover for an ambush.

  1. Roll boulders onto the vehicles
  2. Try taking out the driver
    • [Fighter]
  3. Ambush the convoy
    • [Scout]
  4. Abandon quest

Try taking out the driver[edit]

The driver could be taken out with a well-placed shot. As the convoy reaches a particularly narrow section, the specialist opens fire, knocking out the lead vehicle which plummets into the depths of the ravine. The truck screeches to a halt and the driver runs for the hills.

  1. Done
    • + 50 Venison.png Prime Meat | + 14 Weapons.png Hunting Rifle | + 33 Resource currency.png Silver