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Societies are other organised groups of survivors living in the area. They can be found on the World Map.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Found Societies can be traded with. A form of currency the Societies all recognise are Silver Coins, which can be used to buy or sell goods. Coins can sometimes be found when scavenging locations. Each Society has some unique Resources and special offers, which change once in a few days.

Once a trade deal is struck, the Resources start moving toward your Colony. The further the society is located, the longer the process will take. Resources are added to the Trade Center storage upon arrival. You can have as many active trades as you have Workers at Trade Centers.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

The prices will vary depending on Reputation with a Society. Having a good reputation means lower prices, and lower reputation results in higher starting bid.

Reputation can be raised by trading resources that societies currently want to buy or sell, marked with a yellow scale icon.

Sometimes the Societies will come to the colony's doorstep asking for favours, which is a good chance to gain some good rep.

Embassy bonuses[edit | edit source]

The New Alliances DLC gives players the ability to complete quests for neighbouring societies, with the option to ally with a society once achieving a reputation with them of over 1000.

Allying with a society unlocks their unique embassy building which, once built, gives your colony a bonus in the form of global modifiers and/or a unique reward building.

Across all societies, there are 8 new reward buildings and 13 permanent modifier bonuses in total. However, as the total number of societies on a single map seed is capped, it is not possible to receive all of these bonuses in one playthrough.

List of societies[edit | edit source]

Society Leader Description Embassy bonus*
Society flag 02.png Junkton Leader junkman.png If you come across a complicated mechanical contraption of unknown purpose, chances are it’s from Junkton. The society is built next to a sizable junkyard dotted with machine shops and metalworks where people spend their days scavenging and constructing parts for their own complicated creations. New and exciting, but often untested, innovations are eagerly shared within the community. The town’s many defenses seem formidable, but whether the makeshift bolt throwers and flame walls actually work is questionable. Extractor production speed +20%

Resource outpost production +30%

Society flag 03.png Malltown Leader queen.png Founded inside a massive shopping mall. Stores have been converted into apartments and other areas are heavily barricaded to repel intruders. Its inhabitants are well aware of what they have, and they furiously defend their homes. They’re very cautious and even paranoid about letting outsiders inside the mall, as “someone would use the opportunity to unlock the doors for their barbaric friends outside”. Luxury Apartments**
Society flag 01.png Chemville Leader hazard guy.png The fumes of this massive refinery are guaranteed to give any visitor a headache. Despite their rather hazardous settlement, Chemvilleans are calm and jolly toward outsiders. They gladly offer a taste of their rather “unique” local cuisine with the Crispy Glowroach said to be exquisite. Nuclear Power Plant**
Society flag 10.png Rackham Leader kingpin.png This society does not follow the average shape or form of a settlement in any way. The “town” is more akin to a massive complex of intertwined buildings. The townsfolk are as social as ever, and the concept of privacy seems woefully forgotten here. They are completely open about their operations as well, which include but are not limited to looting, pillaging, trading, drinking and smuggling. As a result of these varied exploits, the society houses many renowned scouts and explorers. Daily resources +100 Silver

Covert mission success rate +25%

Society flag 13.png Trinity Leader merc.png A very secretive and suspicious society, wary of strangers in their lands. Visitors are only allowed to see a small inner courtyard with a new closed gate leading to the actual settlement. All walls are adorned with scribblings old and new, gibberish to the uninitiated. Their colonists prefer to cover their heads with heavy cowls and exchange as few words as possible. Caravans, scouts and survivor groups are followed a fair distance to and from the society to make sure none attempt sneaking in. Solar Array**
Society flag 04.png Little Anvil Leader engineer.png The society of Little Anvil is no place for dressing in white. The air is thick with smoke and soot which pours out day and night from its metalworks. The few people that live here are hardy; men, women and children all look like they could uppercut a bear. Many are skilled blacksmiths and engineers, visibly proud of their craft and how it can help one survive in the aftermath. Daily resources +5 tier-3 tools

Metal Extractor x3 prefabs

Society flag 11.png Sageford Leader doc.png Renowned for their utmost neutrality, the society lures in those who blame extremism for everything that went wrong. Even their combat medics are rumored to heal not only their own troops but those of the enemy as well. People here are reluctant to speak their mind to outsiders. However, they will trade with you—and with your enemies. Large School**

Educated colonist work efficiency +30%

Society flag 06.png Sintown Leader entertainer.png Depending on your personal view, this place is either a veritable den of sin or the best place on Earth to have a bloody good time. You can forget your worries at the coliseum, the town’s many eateries or with other, more exotic offerings. People there seem to drift onward with a permanent hazy look in their eyes, no concern for tomorrow. Everyone from mercenaries, bandits and survivors alike seems to be welcome to stay as long as their ability to pay permits. House of Joy**

Small birth rate bonus

Society flag 14.png Omicron Leader technomage.png One of the most technologically advanced societies in the wasteland. They are keepers of knowledge that otherwise would have been lost in the aftermath. Everyone knows the rumors of their massive underground bunkers, but no one knows what truths have been buried there. They usually have a very indifferent attitude toward others. But if their agendas clash, their adversaries will feel their full wrath. Academy**
Society flag 09.png New Haven Leader hunter.png Many who have visited the prosperous New Haven agree there is an odd vibe to it. The society seems to grow at a fast pace, and people there are friendly enough, but something feels off. They produce a large amount of meat, cut into small cubes, often cured, strongly seasoned and then bartered for a good price. The ingredients are supposedly produced by the many talented hunters and fishers in the local area. Colonists here seem thoroughly annoyed by constant queries into the matter. Society population from requests +30%

Mess Hall x 3 prefabs

Society flag 05.png Lushton Leader gardener.png The people of Lushton do their darndest to grow anything and everything in wasteland soil. The settlement is a hodgepodge of greenhouses, fields and miscellaneous containers full of crops, mushrooms and herbs. The townsfolk have quite a few eccentric theories on radiation-powered plantlife, but their horticultural accomplishments are undeniable. One should tread carefully when visiting Lushton, though, as the population can get rather militant in defense of their post-apocalyptic garden. Domed Greenhouse**
Society flag 08.png Coalition Leader colonel.png This place feels more like the home of a paramilitary faction, and life there is far from ordinary. The people are organized, disciplined and a bit on edge at all times. Their world is rather black-and-white, and their attitude toward outsiders is notoriously harsh. Although allies are—usually—looked after, enemies are ruthlessly wiped out. Their merchandise and uniforms are often dotted with bloodstains, acting as badges of merit within the society. Specialist attack +5

Rival control from failed requests -20%

Society flag 07.png Dead Creek Leader cowboy.png Simple wooden buildings carry an old frontier town feel to them, and colonists here carry arms openly. There is even a big movie theater built on the town square, where they also have seasonal public executions to enforce the law and have fun at the same time. The place is ruled by the self-appointed “sheriff” and “mayor”, who encourage the charade to impose their rule over the settlement. Specialist action points +2

World map enemy detection radius -100%

Society flag 12.png Hospitalia Leader medic.png Discovering a hospital with working equipment is like finding a unicorn swimming in the fountain of youth. Such a place attracts all kinds of people and the place is surrounded by refugees camping outside their fortified outer walls. The only way in is the monthly citizenship lottery. If you get in, your wounds and illnesses are taken care of, but you must adhere to their rules, and there is no way out. Grand Hospital**

* New Alliances only

** Unique reward building

List of unique reward buildings[edit | edit source]

In New Alliances, certain societies offer a unique building as a reward for constructing their embassy in your colony.

When unlocking a unique reward building for the first time, you are also given a single bonus prefab of that building.

Society Name of building Description
Chemville Nuclear Power Plant An experimental power plant based on old world designs, fueled by irradiated material gathered from pollution deposits. Incredibly polluting on its own, but provides huge amounts of energy every time it fires up. Causes pollution.
Omicron Academy Produces science points. A center of learning and higher education, the academy provides a major boost to the colony’s scientific efforts. It drains a considerable amount of resources, but the breakthroughs are well worth it.
Lushton Domed Greenhouse A major improvement over the regular greenhouse in terms of capacity. The energy and water consumption inside the dome are considerable, but if met, allow the colony to grow large crops without disruption from natural and unnatural disasters.
Sin Town House of Joy A place of exotic dancing and entertainment for adults, which offers a much-needed respite for its patrons. A house of joy adds a huge boost to entertainment with a few relatively innocent downsides.
Trinity Solar Array A magnificent array of solar panels arranged into a circular formation transferring solar energy to its central tower. It also houses a small but useful internal battery rack, which distributes the stored energy during the night. Produces energy only during the day. Halts during magnetic storms.
Sageford Large School This massive structure acts as the center of education in the colony. While slightly less cozy than the regular school, its considerable capacity allows educating a large number of children within its walls.
Malltown Luxury Apartments The peak of post-apocalyptic living with massive capacity and peak comfort. Each luxury apartment requires considerable resources and maintenance, but there’s no substitute for what it offers to its tenants. Major happiness bonus.
Hospitalia Grand Hospital A considerable upgrade to existing medical facilities. Its large staff and patient capacity can keep even the biggest of colonies up and running, especially with a steady supply of meds.