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The Urban Occult

One of Seventeen quests in the base game

A specialists is required for unique rewards.


An older colonist approaches with a story to tell. Her now deceased father used to work as a quartermaster in the military before the bombs fell, stocking up emergency bunkers not too far from here. Che even got to visit one and might still be able to point out its location. The bunker is most likely stripper empty by now-but if not, it could hold valuable resources and information.

Possible RewardsEdit

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The outskirts of this town are taken over by vegetation and have nothing of value to scavenge. Walking further downtown, the air is suddenly filler with what seems to be ...singing? Completely tone-deaf and rowdy-but singing nonetheless. Closer inspection reveals a group of cultist-like bandits near several fire pits chanting a lewd yet merry tune. They seems completely unware of anyone watching them and their gear is unguarded.

  1. Sneak to their stockpile.
    • Protective clothing, cultist robes, meds and weapons have been clumsily piled at the edge of their encampment. It should be possible to steal quite a few items from the pile without attracting the cult's attention. The firearms seem to be lodged in pretty tight and will be hardest to pull out.
      1. Grab clothing and meds.
        • It's best to settle for what's easiest to reach. There is plenty of clothing and several boxes of various pills and med kits lying around which are promptly stuffed into a backpack before sneaking out. Based on the uninterrupted chanting, this stealth mission was a resounding success.
          • +7   Sturdy Clothing | +20   Medicine
      2. Grab weapons and meds. Fighter
        • The weapons are obviously the most valuable items in the pile, so going for them only makes sense. Yanking a few away proves to be rather easy, but the rest are stuck tight under all the other items. As the last rifle gets pulled out, the entire pile creaks loudly and collapses. The chanting stops and bandits rush for their stockpile only to find it pillaged and the perpetrator long gone.
          • +5   Shotgun | +20   Antibiotics
      3. Grab robe to blend in. Scientist
        • Thinking on their feet, the specialist grabs a robe and starts to mimic the movements of the chanting cultists while going through the stockpile, stashing items under the cloth. The cult seems oblivious to the fact they're being robbed, allowing several boxes of meds and other valuables to be taken. Once the specialist is satisfied with the haul, they abandon the robe and disappear into the ruins.
          • +8   Medicine | +15   Iodine Pills | +400   Silver
      4. Abandon quest
  2. Abandon quest